Industry Group Launches Platform To Grow Semiconductor Industry Workforce

The SEMI Foundation introduced an interactive platform designed to strengthen access for underrepresented workers to educational and employment opportunities in the semiconductor industry across the U.S.

Last week, The SEMI Foundation, the non-profit arm of SEMI, the global industry association representing the electronics manufacturing and design supply chain, announced launch of the SEMI Career Exploration Platform — designed to strengthen access for underrepresented workers to educational and employment opportunities in the U.S. semiconductor industry. This platform, launched in collaboration with the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL), a nonprofit membership organization working to improve education-to-career pathways for adult learners, is focused on growing the talent pipeline in the semiconductor industry.

With the industry’s eye on Washington, DC where the Senate is said to be considering a vote on the “CHIPS Act” that will impact funding for industry players, the new interactive SEMI Career Exploration Platform links the knowledge and skills of workers with career and educational pathways ranging from internships, apprenticeships, and certificate and advanced degree programs.

Expanding Semiconductor Talent Pipeline

“With rising demand for semiconductors, the ongoing chip shortage, and the industry’s corresponding push to expand production, the talent gap will remain a headwind to microelectronics growth and innovation unless more people are drawn to careers in the industry,” said Shari Liss, executive director of the SEMI Foundation. “The SEMI Career Exploration Platform will help expand and diversify the industry’s talent pool by making it easier for people to chart a rewarding career path.”

semiconductor industry
Photo: Adobe Stock/By Maksim Shmeljov

“Recent global supply chain disruptions have underscored just how vital the semiconductor space is to our nation’s economy,” said Earl Buford, CAEL president. “As industry looks to ramp up capacity in the U.S., we must ensure our industry, workforce development and education sectors are aligned to realize these opportunities and ensure that they extend to all communities.”

The SEMI Career Exploration Platform matches users’ competencies and interests with occupations most likely to lead to career success and personal fulfillment. The Platform’s crosswalking feature, geared toward military veterans, maps their service experience and training to semiconductor industry career opportunities. Users can explore a job board, education programs, and the organizational profiles of companies and education providers throughout the country. They can also search semiconductor careers in areas including engineering, manufacturing and production, installation and maintenance, information technology, marketing, and business support.

The SEMI Career Exploration Platform is funded by Strada Education Network, a CAEL collaborator, and the SEMI Foundation. The partnership supports the work of SEMI to bolster the microelectronics industry talent pipeline through diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives that create career pathways for traditionally underrepresented populations in the industry.

Roadtrip Nation, an educational production company, will create videos in collaboration with the SEMI Foundation and SEMI member companies that showcase success stories of microelectronics professionals. The videos will be available on the Roadtrip Nation website and featured in a PBS documentary airing in 2023.

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