Indatus And Mocura To Establish Headquarters In Louisville, KY

Built in the 1870s, the art deco structure in Lexington will be the new home of Indatus and Mocura. (Photo: Jim L. Patterson, Copyright 2006)
Built in the 1870s, the art deco structure in Lexington will be the new home of Indatus and Mocura. (Photo: Jim L. Patterson, Copyright 2006)

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear  has announced that two companies, Indatus and Mocura, both under the ownership of ICIM Corporation, plan to move from New Albany, IN to new headquarters set up in Louisville. Indatus and Mocura will create 100 new jobs and establish a tier-2 datacenter with a full network operations center and staff in the renovated historic building.

“We welcome Indatus and Mocura as new corporate citizens in Kentucky, and we realize just how significant headquarters are for our economy, bringing not only top-level jobs, but proven leaders and innovators to our communities,” said Gov. Beshear.

The property is registered as a historic building for art deco design in Kentucky.  It was also the original headquarters of Four Roses Bourbon, home to the Miller Paper Company, and, most recently, Bridges and Smith Paint Company.

Renovation of the historic site, touted as the “Gateway to Whisky Row” is estimated to be completed by late December 2013. The project also includes the refurbishing of 9,000 square feet on the first floor available for lease to a retail or restaurant space, as well as renovating 9,000 square feet of basement space.

Indatus is a 22-year-old, privately-held company, with products that have been in the “cloud” (running at least partially over the Internet on a remote server accessed by the user with a browser) for more than 10 years. These products and services are leading the way in cloud-based technologies, software and communications systems.

Mocura is an 18-month-old sister company to Indatus, which covers three areas of products and services that are solely focused on enterprise-level apps and data gathering.  The company’s market-ready mobile applications, custom-developed mobile applications and mobile device management tools utilize existing SaaS cloud architecture to manage data. Mocura grew more than 1,000 percent in the last 12 months and is quickly becoming a major player in the rapidly changing mobile business process arena.

“This project is such a great example of what happens when motivated government agencies and institutions work together with common purpose,” said Dave Durik, CEO of Indatus. “We are just extremely excited and honored to be the recipient of the attention.”

“This is exciting for Louisville and the Commonwealth of Kentucky because of the new jobs that will be created through this investment in our city and our state,” said Sen. Gerald Neal, of Louisville. “Along with new jobs, our city will also reap the benefits from economic growth and development.”

“It’s great when Louisville and a company both benefit by moving its operations to Louisville and creating new jobs,” said Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer. “It’s even better when they decide to renovate and modernize an older building, augmenting our sustainability practices.”

“The addition of Indatus and Mocura to the East Main Street corridor adds to the increasing density of technology firms in the NuLu, East Main, Nucleus area,” said Eileen Pickett, vice president of economic development for Greater Louisville Inc. “We are thrilled to see this growth and the evolution of the historically booming bourbon district becoming home to the latest innovations in technology.”