Hino Motors Celebrates Opening Of West Virginia Manufacturing Plant

Over the next three years, the truck manufacturing company plans to invest $40 million and create 250 new jobs at its Mineral Wells, WV facility.

During a Grand Opening ceremony for Hino Motors’ new manufacturing plant in Mineral Wells, WV, Gov. Jim Justice also celebrated an announcement by company leaders that they plan to invest an additional $40 million and create 250 new jobs at the new facility.

Hino Motors
Gov. Jim Justice joined Hino Motors company leaders for a ribbon-cutting and part of the ceremony known as Kagamiwari, the ceremonial breaking of a sake barrel to mark a celebratory occasion.

“This moment in our state is so profound,” said Gov. Justice said. “It’s an absolute honor and we will never be able to express our gratitude enough. All these new jobs and all this new investment is going to help make life better for so many West Virginians it’s truly unbelievable.”

The announcement of the new jobs was made by Yoshio Shimo, President & CEO of Hino Motors Limited.

“Over the past two years we have invested $100 million in our U.S. operations, including $60 million to move to this facility in Mineral Wells,” Shimo said. “As part of that investment, we have grown our West Virginia team from 300 team members to 470 team members and by next year we’re expecting to be at 550.”

Company leaders say the remaining new jobs will be created over the course of the next three years.

Hino Motors
Hino Motors expects its current Mineral Wells, WV workforce of 470 to grow to 500 by 2020.

The new jobs come in conjunction with Hino Motors completing its move into its new 962,000-square-foot plant. The new facility is approximately four times the size of the company’s previous facility in Williamstown, WV, which opened in 2007. The expanded space will allow Hino Motors to expand both its workforce as well as its production capacity. In addition, the new location will allow the company to begin manufacturing a new product.

At the old plant, the company was only able to produce Class 6 and Class 7 single axle trucks. But the new facility will now allow Hino Motors to produce bigger trucks in America. It plans to enter the Class 8 commercial market and will be able to produce tandem axle trucks.

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