GATX Expanding In Georgia

The railcar leasing company will invest about $18 million over the next four years to expand its maintenance facility in Waycross, GA.

GATX Corporation will invest approximately $18 million over the next four years to expand its existing railcar maintenance facility in Waycross, GA. The company also expects to create new jobs in connection with this investment.

Waycross Georgia
Photo: GATX

“We appreciate the support and the opportunities provided by the Georgia Department of Economic Development and the Waycross Ware County Development Authority to help our business grow in Waycross,” said Michael T. Brooks, Senior Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, GATX Rail North America.

Headquartered in Chicago, GATX has maintained a presence in Ware County since the early 1950s when it became one of the first businesses in the county’s industrial park.

Phase I of the expansion will begin with rehabbing and replacing current equipment in the facility, while Phase II includes plans to expand a contiguous tract of land on which GATX will add rail lines for ease of access and storage.

“GATX’s commitment to the Waycross community speaks volumes not just for the future of Waycross, but for Georgia’s manufacturing industry as a whole,” said Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) Commissioner Pat Wilson. “The state has optimized its infrastructure to support all shipping methods, to make it easier for businesses across each industry sector to access the world.”

“The GATX expansion in Waycross is a wonderful example of effective negotiation with a leading international corporation that will bring additional investment to our community,” said Waycross-Ware Development Authority Chairman Dr. William W. Clark III. “And the best part is they will continue to pay taxes and other fees, as the expansion evolves. We are not giving away the farm to secure future investment in Waycross and South Georgia.”

GDEcD Assistant Director of Existing Industry and Regional Recruitment Michelle Shaw represented the Global Commerce division in partnership with the Ware Waycross Development Authority and Georgia Power.

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