Florence Manufacturing Announces $7 Million Investment In Manhattan, KS

Posted by Heidi SchwartzScreen Shot 2014-05-01 at 7.03.57 PM

Florence Manufacturing Company, a division of Gibraltar Industries, has announced a $7 million capital investment and plans to create more than 100 new jobs in Manhattan, KS. The company will expand its production capabilities and add capacity to support significant growth in Florence’s core business lines. With the expansion, Florence will employ more than 400 workers in Manhattan.

“Our team is very excited to fulfill the expanding business needs of all of our various customers and partners,” said John Altstadt, president of Florence Manufacturing.

“Florence Manufacturing has achieved strong growth in Manhattan thanks to its hard work and innovation,” Kansas Commerce Secretary Pat George said. “Kansas has been building a business environment that supports businesses and entrepreneurs and makes our state an ideal place for them to invest and create good jobs.”

During the past several years, the team at Florence has been developing new “intelligent” delivery equipment technology solutions leveraging its industry expertise and experience to create new electronic, software-enabled products and services. In support of this new technology development, the company has added electrical, mechanical, industrial and software engineers and continues to search for talented, qualified individuals to join its dynamic staff. As the business grows and diversifies, personnel needs have grown in all facets of the operation including materials management, purchasing, HR, accounting, customer service, marketing and sales.

“We want to thank the city of Manhattan, the Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce and the state of Kansas for their ongoing support of our business,” Altstadt said. “As we celebrate our 80th year in business, we truly appreciate being located in such a vibrant, business friendly community and state.”