Digital Realty Announces Data Center Lease With RenderWurks In Dallas, TX

Digital Realty’s Turn-Key Flex solution is a modular approach to delivering secure, enterprise quality data center space to meet customers’ just-in-time requirements.

Digital Realty Trust, Inc., a provider of data center solutions, announced that it has signed a new Turn-Key Flex℠ lease with RenderWurks, a provider of large-scale server farms that can be used for animation and computer generated visual effects. The lease, signed in the second quarter of 2013, is for space at a data center in Dallas, Texas.

“RenderWurks is a pioneer in the server/rendering farm industry and we are pleased to welcome it to our portfolio,” said Andrew Schaap, vice president of sales at Digital Realty. “Our flexible solutions will allow RenderWurks to provide its customers with a solution that is both scalable and cost effective. It is exciting for us to be part of the early-stage growth of such a dynamic firm and industry.”

“Digital Realty’s state-of-the-art data center will make it possible for us to accommodate the rendering needs of our customers across a range of verticals—animation, computer-generated visual effects, engineering and architecture,” said Jeremey Poe, marketing manager for RenderWurks, and its sister company TruSurv Hosting Solutions. “The way business is done today, we have to provide a solution that is flexible and will allow our customers to grow or shrink their services as their processing and data storage needs change on a per project basis. Texas offers the best economic value for us and our customers, and Digital Realty brings that final piece to the table.” RenderWurks and TruSurv are both subsidiaries of TTHS Holdings, LLC.