Debt Brokerage Launches Internship Program

Eastern Union Funding, a commercial real estate debt brokerage headquartered in New York, with offices in New Jersey, Maryland and Israel, has launched an internship program for its equity division. This is primarily targeting college age students, those who recently joined the workforce, or those who have an appetite to observe high stakes transactions.

“If you’ve watched more than one episode of ‘Million Dollar Listing’ or ‘Shark Tank,’ chances are your ears will perk up at this,” said EUF President,Ira Zlotowitz. “Here’s a chance to experience a seat at the closing table, seeing firsthand what it takes to get there.”closing_table

Interns will work alongside senior-level personnel and watch as they pitch opportunities to high-net worth individuals. Working under the real estate industry’s most elite executive equity brokers, syndicators, and high-net worth individuals, eligible candidates will learn what a seat at the closing table feels like, and gain boots-on-the-ground knowledge of what it takes to get there. 

The interns will be active in the company’s equity division, and, while working remotely, will also gain exposure to the debt side of the company. To this end, the program includes a live weekly webinar with Eastern Union’s Senior Managing Director, David Eisen.

“The company is pitching a rare opportunity for beginners to learn industry know-how and develop the skill set of a commercial real estate player,” said Managing Director Marc Belsky. “They will be working alongside the best, watching and learning how to analyze transactions and structure deals.”

Interns will stay with the company, earning performance-based compensation, for one to four months and will then encounter the opportunity for full- or part-time positions. Interested parties can find out more at the firm’s website.