ColoCrossing, 365 Data Centers Partner To Expand In Buffalo

Posted by Heidi Schwartz

Main Place Tower
Main Place Tower (Photo: Flickr.)

365 Data Centers has announced a joint agreement with ColoCrossing to address growing demand from small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and enterprises in Buffalo, NY. The 365 Data Centers colocation facility in Buffalo is located in the Main Place Tower and has 22 carriers on-site, providing a diverse set of carrier solutions that continues to attract SMB and enterprise customers to the region.

With the recent pledge from one of the world’s largest information technology companies to add hundreds of jobs in Buffalo, along with Gov. Cuomo’s Buffalo Billion economic development plan, the region is increasingly morphing into one of the brightest spots for investment. As the information-based economy continues to boom, data centers are strategically positioned as the “brick and mortar” underpinning the Internet, and the rapid expansion of information as well as growth of data and technology for businesses and consumers.

“Thanks to local economic development initiatives, we have seen Buffalo begin to transform into the newest technology hub of the east,” said John Scanlon, CEO, 365 Data Centers.

“We continue to see high demand in Buffalo because it is extremely strategic for our customers to be centrally located between large markets such as Toronto, New York City and Chicago. 365 Data Centers gives us the opportunity to meet that demand and grow our business locally, while ensuring our customers receive secure and reliable service,” said Joe Robinson, VP corporate development, ColoCrossing.

With the combined experience of 365 Data Centers and ColoCrossing, SMBs and enterprises are able to embrace the constant growth and use of applications and devices that are now central to how they run their businesses. The myriad digitized data that businesses now need to collect, store and analyze will continue to drive demand for 365 Data Centers’ solutions in Buffalo and nationwide.