Business Facilities In The News: Rants and Raves: ‘D’ is for dysfunctional party

Rants and Raves: ‘D’ is for dysfunctional party

Montgomery Adviser Opinion Piece
Posted on July 31, 2013

RANT: For the abysmal mess that the Alabama Democratic Party has become. In a ranking of the most dysfunctional state political parties in the nation by Roll Call, the party ranked No. 1. It’s hard to argue with that assessment. This has implications beyond mere partisanship, because a strong two-party system affords much more opportunity for meaningful debate of ideas and for the sharp-eyed watching by each side of the other, which is not an unhealthy thing.

Auto industry is a solid state asset

RAVE: For one more indication of the strong position Alabama holds in the automotive industry. Business Facilities magazine has named Alabama the No. 2 state for automotive industry strength. The magazine noted that it all began with the decision by Mercedes to locate a plant in the state 20 years ago.

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