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These top utility providers play a key role in economic development, as well as sustainability efforts.


Top Utilities Economic Development
Northern Nevada
Southern Nevada


NV Energy has served northern Nevada for more than 150 years, and southern Nevada since 1906. Today, NV Energy’s service area covers nearly 46,000 square miles of the fastest growing state in the U.S., including the communities of Las Vegas, Reno-Sparks, Henderson and Elko.

NV Energy provides energy services to nearly 1.3 million electric customers throughout the state and more than 50 million tourists annually. Th e company also provides natural gas to more than 168,000 citizens in the Reno-Sparks area.

NV Energy’s business and economic development teams work with municipal partners to review high-growth and in-demand areas. Th e company works diligently to help support existing demand while planning for additional growth.

Economic development experts at NV Energy work with businesses, site selectors, real estate brokers/developers, and economic development agencies to facilitate business location and expansion within Nevada. Th e team assists companies in a variety of ways, including the pricing and calculation of utility rates, joining on site visits, and providing information on incentives, transportation, labor, and more.

NV Energy’s history with economic development in Nevada—coupled with its renewable energy growth—allows the company to be creative to meet the needs of new and innovative customers. The company has renewable energy supply options to serve new businesses and experts are ready to meet their needs.

NV Energy is well on its way to achieving the state’s renewable portfolio standard of 50% by 2030. NV Energy’s portfolio includes 57 utility-scale geothermal, solar, solar plus storage, wind, and hydro projects both in service and under development.

In 2023, the company, its employees, and the NV Energy Foundation gave more than $5.3 million through financial and in-kind donations, including more than 32,000 volunteer hours, to nonprofit organizations. More than 76% of the financial contributions were dedicated to causes that support diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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