2016 Global Rankings Report: China Leads In Installed Solar, Wind Capacity

China is the world leader in Installed Solar Power Capacity and Installed Wind Power Capacity in Business Facilities' 12th Annual Rankings Report.

China is the world leader in Installed Solar Power Capacity and Installed Wind Power Capacity in Business Facilities’ 12th Annual Rankings Report.

global rankingsGermany, Japan, the United States and Italy filled out the top five, respectively, in BF‘s 2016 global ranking for solar power capacity. The U.S. ranked second in the magazine’s global ranking for wind power capacity, followed by Germany India and Spain.

“China has shown the world that it is fully committed to the conversion of its power system to renewable energy,” BF Editor in Chief Jack Rogers said. “While China, the U.S. and Germany continue to dominate our global renewable energy rankings, India, Japan and the United Kingdom also are making impressive investments to build the infrastructure for a green energy future.”

According to the United Nations Energy Program’s annual report, about $286 billion was invested globally in renewable energy in 2015. Renewable energy’s share of the global power market is about 13 percent (the fossil fuels share is 75 percent; nuclear about 2.5 percent). China invested $102.9 billion in renewable energy in 2015), more than double the annual investment in the U.S. Worldwide, 80 percent of investments are going to solar and wind power.

Switzerland again tops the chart in Global Competitiveness, based on the World Economic Forum’s annual assessment of the nations best positioned to attract foreign direct investment, followed in the top five by Singapore, the United States, Germany and he Netherlands.

The U.S. dominated the Global Competitiveness field for decades before being dethroned by Switzerland during the Great Recession.

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The complete 2016 BF Rankings Report, including state, metro and international results, is available here.