Orbital Outfitters To Build In Midland, TX

Posted by Heidi Schwartz

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 3.48.19 PM
The company and its partner, Global Effects, made this full-scale mockup of the XCOR Lynx suborbital space plane for XCOR Aerospace.

The Midland Development Corporation has announced the establishment of Orbital Outfitters, Ltd. Space and Pressure Suit Manufacturing Development Business at the Midland International Airport (MAF). Construction of the new building at MAF will be completed by December 2015 and include an altitude chamber complex to support the testing and qualification of many space components and will be made available for use by UTPB.

“The commercial space industry is steadily gaining momentum and we are proud to be at the forefront of this strategic growth. Midland is becoming a destination for aerospace companies looking for the ideal location and collaboration opportunities for their endeavors,” said Robert Rendall, MDC Chairman.

“We are extremely excited about locating this new facility in Midland. For the last several years, Orbital Outfitters has been looking for the ideal location for a manufacturing facility to support our growth as the commercial space industry matures and Midland has proven itself to be just the right fit,” said Jeff Feige, CEO of Orbital Outfitters.

In parallel with Orbital Outfitters’ announcement, the City of Midland is in the latter stages of applying for a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Commercial Space Launch Site Designation for Midland International Airport (MAF). Upon completion and approval of the FAA application, MAF will be the first Primary Commercial Service Airport to be granted such a designation.