18 Tennessee Communities To Receive Site Development Grants

The $6.2 million in grants will help communities and local organizations across the state of Tennessee prepare industrial sites for businesses.

A total of $6.2 million in Site Development Grants will be awarded to 18 communities and local organizations across the state of Tennessee. The Site Development Grant program, part of the larger Rural Economic Opportunity Act passed in 2016, helps communities prepare industrial sites for new businesses and jobs.

Site Development Grants
Bristol Business Park will receive a $500,000 grant toward clearing, demolition, and seeding of 50 acres to accommodate a 420,000-square foot building pad. (Photo: TNECD)

“Providing more opportunities for citizens in rural Tennessee is one of our top priorities and with the assistance of the Site Development Grants, the rural communities receiving these grants will be ready for investment and economic success,” said Gov. Bill Haslam. “We are strengthening our future workforce through programs like Tennessee Promise, and I look forward to seeing these 18 communities succeed and grow for the next generation of Tennesseans.”

The grants assist communities in finalizing infrastructure and site improvements for Select Tennessee Certified Sites and sites that will go through the site certification process. In total, 33 communities have been awarded Site Development Grants with 15 communities receiving the grants in 2016. The Site Development Grant is part of the suite of Select Tennessee programs and works in conjunction with the Site Certification program.

The newest round of grants awarded include:

  • Bristol Business Park: $500,000 – Clearing, demolition, and seeding of 50 acres to accommodate a 420,000-square foot building pad
  • Crossville Interchange Business Park: $500,000 – Development of a 200,000-square foot building pad
  • Knox County Eastbridge Business Park Lots: $500,000 – Construction of a wastewater pump station
  • Clarkrange Regional Business Park: $500,000 – Upgrade of approximately 7,300 linear feet of waterline
  • East TN Progress Center Park: $500,000 – Construction of a roadway
  • Fayetteville-Lincoln County Runway Centre: $109,000 – Extension of approximately 4,060 linear feet of waterline
  • Franklin County Moon Property: $209,300 – Completion of a geophysical survey
  • Gallatin Industrial Center: $95,975 – Clearing of approximately nine acres of trees
  • Town of Halls Industrial Site: $332,225 – Construction of an entrance drive, a sewer line extension, preliminary grading, and park signage
  • Hardin Industrial Park: $450,000 – Construction of a 200,000-square foot building pad
  • City of Lexington Timberlake Industrial Site: $350,100 – Construction of a 100,000-square foot building pad and extension of 850 linear feet of sewer line
  • Plateau Partnership Park: $469,350 – Construction of the primary access into the park, construction of access road to the site of the proposed wastewater treatment facility, and grading of the wastewater treatment facility site
  • Madison County Airport Industrial Park: $245,980 – Clearing of approximately 9 acres of wooded area
  • Manchester Industrial Park: $137,453 – Extension of approximately 1150 linear feet of waterlines, relocation of electric utility lines, and drainage improvements
  • Mountain View Industrial Park: $445,500 – Clearing, grubbing and grading of an approximately 600,000 square foot site
  • Rhea County Rail Hub South Industrial Development: $500,000 – Rough grading for an access road
  • Tennessee Central Economic Authority PowerCom Industrial Center: $122,500 – Extension of approximately 2,400 linear feet of sewer line
  • Tullahoma Airport Business Park: $280,000 – Clearing of approximately 26 acres of wooded area and drainage improvements

“I want to congratulate all 18 communities on being awarded the Site Development Grants,” said Tennessee Economic and Community Development (TNECD) Commissioner Bob Rolfe. “These grants are designed to assist rural Tennessee communities to be better equipped for economic growth. We are proud to see these communities investing in themselves and anticipate seeing each community thrive in our state.”

An advisory committee of staff from TNECD, the Tennessee Valley Authority, the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, the Tennessee Department of Transportation and the U.S. Department of Agriculture selected the 18 sites from a pool of 28 applications. The application process was competitive with grants awarded based on benefit to the community, economic impact, leveraged resources, and ability to implement a successful project.

“With the help of the Rural Economic Opportunity Act and these Site Development Grants, communities receiving these funds will be one, two and three steps closer to investment and growth,” said Amy New, TNECD assistant commissioner of rural development. “I am excited to see our rural communities have the opportunity to submit sites and compete on an even bigger level than before.”

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