Three Tech Trends Impacting Real Estate Use

CBRE’s Blueprint, a recently launched online magazine covering trends and issues affecting commercial real estate and the overall business climate, featured an article this week about “Three Tech Trends that Will Transform Real Estate”. In the article, an expert from CBRE notes three emerging trends reshaping the way people will use real estate in the future. 

Technological innovation is radically changing how and where we choose to work, live and play, essentially forcing us to rethink the built environment—and our place in it.

From broad access to WiFi and the ubiquity of smartphones to ever-lighter laptops and more powerful tablet devices, technology has created an inextricably connected world. With the virtual barrier between work and home all but gone, the way we think about real estate is fundamentally changing, says Elie Finegold, senior vice president of global innovation and business intelligence at CBRE.

“This industrial-era concept that there is a separation between work and home is becoming increasingly less relevant,” says Finegold. “Because you can work from anywhere, space has become more fungible.”


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