San Francisco, New York, Tel Aviv Top Startup Ecosystems

UK remains global leader in Offshore Wind Power, China is tops in Renewable Energy in Business Facilities' 2021 Global Rankings Report.

San Francisco, New York and Tel Aviv have the best Startup Ecosystems in Business Facilities’ 17th Annual Rankings Report.

Filling out the top 10 in BF’s global ranking of cities with thriving Startup Ecosystems are Beijing, Toronto, Singapore, London, Atlanta, Berlin and Austin.

“Israel continues to rise in our annual Global Rankings, notching 4th place in our top 10 for capital investments in Artificial Intelligence. Israel’s moniker as Startup Nation is justified by Tel Aviv’s success as our third-ranked global city in Startup Ecosystems,” BF Editor in Chief Jack Rogers said.

Tel Aviv has the highest number of startups per capita in the world after Silicon Valley. It is home to 107 multinational companies with R&D centers and innovation hubs. Israel ranks third in the number of AI startups globally; AI is the leading sector for startups based in Tel Aviv, accounting for 40.7 percent of all startups and 25 percent of employees in the city, according to global startup tracker Startup Genome.

Global Rankings Report Startup Ecosystems

The United Kingdom maintains its status as the global leader in Offshore Wind Power, a ranking that measures installed capacity. China, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium rounded out the top five in this category.

Rogers said BF expects the United States, currently ninth in BF’s Offshore Wind Power standings, to start marching up the leaderboard in this renewable energy category.

“East Coast U.S. states have made significant commitments to expand offshore wind power in coming years,” Rogers said. “President Biden’s new goal of 30 gigawatts in offshore wind power by 2030 will spur the Gulf and West Coast states to join this effort to tap an abundant renewable power source.”

“With two oceans and the Gulf of Mexico surrounding it, America has access to more potential offshore wind power than any other nation,” he added. “As the transition from fossil fuels accelerates, we look forward to the day when the only offshore rigs operating in U.S. waters are wind turbines.”

China tops BF’s annual global leaderboard for installed capacity in Renewable Energy, a commanding position the PRC is expected maintain for years to come. China’s goal is to bring 1,200 GW of wind and solar online by 2030, including 408 GW of new wind capacity.

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