More Than 400 Jobs, $103M In Capital Investment Land In Lubbock

General Advanced Foods, MTBC, Ltd. and AT&T have recently announced expansion projects in Lubbock, TX, adding $103.1 million in capital investment, 404 additional jobs and retaining 86 jobs in the Lubbock community.

The Lubbock Economic Development Alliance (LEDA) recently announced the expansion of three businesses, adding $103.1 million in capital investment, 404 additional jobs and retaining 86 jobs in the Lubbock, TX community. The businesses that are expanding are General Advanced Foods; MTBC, Ltd.; and AT&T.

General Advanced Foods will create 125 new jobs with an average salary of $31,200. This is a result of the tortilla and cornflour producer’s renovation plans for its current facility at 301 E. Insurance St., as well as expanding into a new corn milling plant located in the Lubbock Rail Port. The project will have a total capital investment of $87.1 million.

Lubbock, TX
(Photo: Lubbock Economic Development Alliance)

“When you look at the opportunities that exist in the Lubbock community, our decision to open a corn-milling facility here is a no-brainer,” said Gary Van Dam, project development for General Advanced Foods. “Our partnership with LEDA allows us to provide more job opportunities to the region and offer a new organic flour product to the world at a time when food security is more critical than ever.”

Due to significant company growth in Lubbock, MTBC, Ltd., also known as TBC Enterprises, is expanding into the recently acquired Lubbock Logistics Center located in the Lubbock Business Park. The local distributor of hair and beauty products’ project will result in 86 retained jobs and 39 new primary jobs into the city of Lubbock with annual compensation of approximately $33,000, and a total capital investment of $16 million.

“Lubbock provides the environment our company needs to remain competitive and its location allows us to distribute to our customers easily,” said Preston Madden, president of MTBC, Ltd. “We’re able to find and keep the talent needed to run our operation efficiently.”

As one of the nation’s leading cell service providers, AT&T is experiencing a high demand for service in Lubbock. To keep up, the company is creating an additional 240 jobs at its call center located off North Loop 289 in the X-FAB building. This job expansion will take place over the course of six months, adding 40 new positions each month.

“We continue to look forward to expanding AT&T in Lubbock,” said Fred Maldonado, regional vice president of external and legislative affairs at AT&T Texas. “We are pleased to continue working with LEDA, who we view as a strategic partner and a valuable community resource in helping us meet our needs as we look forward to a future of growth and progress.”

John Osborne, CEO and president of LEDA, said the three expanding companies’ expansion projects will create more opportunities for local citizens at a time of economic hardship.

“The announcements today come at a time of need for our community,” said Osborne. “After recent challenges of economic hardships, the addition of over 400 jobs and investments into Lubbock, coupled with our stable economy and talented workforce, continue to prove that our city is an attractive market for future growth.”

Since 2004, LEDA has helped 192 companies expand or relocate to Lubbock. These companies have committed to creating 8,714 jobs and investing more than $1.2 billion in new capital improvements, resulting in $1.5 billion in value-added impact to the Lubbock area.

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