Food Lion Donates 6M Meals To Nourish Neighbors

The $600,000 donation will provide nutritious meals to schools, seniors with limited resources and other neighbors, and support Feeding America® in its COVID-19 response efforts.

Food Lion Feeds is donating $600,000, the equivalent of 6 million meals, to COVID-19 hunger relief efforts. $500,000 will be donated locally to community partners in the towns and cities Food Lion serves to help feed students who depend on receiving nutritious meals at school, seniors with limited resources and other neighbors in need impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. The additional $100,000 will be donated to Feeding America® to support its overall COVID-19 response efforts.

Food Lion
(Photo: Food Lion)

“Nourishing our neighbors is core to everything we do, and we know that many of our neighbors have been tremendously impacted by the recent school and business closures as a result of the coronavirus pandemic,” said Meg Ham, Food Lion President. “Hunger is a lot closer than you think, and that’s why we’ve always been committed to fighting food insecurity in the towns and cities we serve. That need is heightened right now, and we want our neighbors to know they can count on us during this unprecedented time. We’ll continue to stay closely connected to our community partners and ensure we do everything we can to help provide stability in the weeks and months ahead.”

Salisbury, NC-based Food Lion is committed to supporting local food banks and these funds will be used on efforts such as purchasing boxes of food and supplies for delivery to seniors, nutritious lunches for children while school is out of session and other activities as needed to help relieve the burden of this pandemic in the towns and cities Food Lion serves.

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