FIRST WORD: Delivering The Goods

Jack Rogers, Editor in Chief, Business Facilities

From the March/April 2013 issue

It’s never an easy task to stay up to date in a world where head-spinning change comes at us on a daily basis. Blink your eyes, and this morning’s newspaper is rendered obsolete by the next Twitter message that scoots across your smartphone.

The challenge to be timely and informative is even greater for a monthly magazine. But in this issue, we think we’ve met that challenge, and then some. We did it the old-fashioned way—by getting up close and personal with our most important sources.

Our Global Bio Report is the most comprehensive entry we’ve ever produced for our annual review of the high-tech sector that grows jobs in test tubes. For this year’s Bio cover story, we sent our European correspondent on a wide-ranging expedition on the continent to bring you the most important new developments from across the pond.

Here in the States, we sat down with Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley and explored how a dynamic success story unfolding down South may crown a new global leader in the automotive and aerospace sectors.

Closer to home (and to our hearts), we’ve produced a detailed look at the $60-billion recovery effort now underway in New Jersey and New York to repair the devastation wrought by Superstorm Sandy.

We hope you agree it was worth the effort. You’re invited to find a comfortable chair and start reading.