Lau Rubber Announces Greenville, SC Headquarters

Lau Rubber and Plastics has announced the location of its North American sales and operations office in the Greenville, SC area. The company manufactures and supplies rubber and plastic molded parts to a host of global companies and brands in the automotive, computer, communications, aviation, household appliance, and packaging industries.

The company will manage sales, marketing, and North American operations from the Greenville office. Plans are in place to develop manufacturing capabilities in the U.S. once the North American market has been developed more fully. The targeted location for this facility is undetermined at this time.

“The Southeast is an ideal location for our North American operations because of the growing automotive industry in the region which is a category strength for our company,” stated Joseph J. White, Lau Rubber and Plastics Chief Operating Officer. “Additionally, it gives us easy access to other manufacturing sectors located in the Southeast as well the Midwest and Northeast. These are our geographical priorities at this time.”

Lau Rubber and Plastics Products Ltd. was established in 1986 in Guangzhou, China near Hong Kong and has three state-of- the-art manufacturing facilities. A new cutting edge LEED certified manufacturing and research center at the LAU Industrial Park Campus has been designed and is being built and will be ready for production in 2014.