Martin County, FL Wins 600 New Jobs

Martin County, FL Wins 600 New Jobs | Business Facilities - Area Economic Development, Site Selection & Workforce Solutions
American Energy Innovations has chosen a Florida location for a new $14.9-million facility for which it will receive about $4 million in state and country incentives.

Martin County, FL Wins 600 New Jobs


Martin County, FL Wins 600 New Jobs

The Business Development Board of Martin County, FL has announced that American Energy Innovations has chosen to expand in Martin County, adding 600 new jobs over 5 years and making a $14.98M investment in building and infrastructure.

The company was offered $435,000 in incentives from Martin County, with resources set aside as part of the Job Creation Toolkit in 2010. The state of Florida offered an additional $3.51M, bringing the total incentive package to $3.945M. The company also considered North Carolina as an attractive location for this project but “this financial package transcended the logistical advantage,” said American Energy Innovations Director of Operations Phil Catsman.

Gov. Rick Scott attended an announcement event for American Energy Innovations on April 28, 2011 in what he called “the largest job announcement since I took office.” About 125 other business and community leaders attended the event including Rep. Tom Rooney, all five Martin County Commissioners, and several City of Stuart Commissioners. In his remarks, Gov. Scott underscored his commitment to job creation and his desire to “make sure Martin County and the great state of Florida becomes the job mecca for the world.” “Government can’t create jobs, but we can create an environment that is favorable for jobs,” he continued.

The company will construct a 100,000 square foot building on their existing campus. “We are so grateful that American Energy Innovations chose to invest in Martin County,” stated Tim Dougher and Crystal Stiles, Co-Directors of the Business Development Board of Martin County. “Last year, the County established tools that make us more competitive in a global economy. We know that this is just the first company that will make use of those tools to put local citizens back to work.”

Martin County Board of Commissioners chairman Ed Ciampi thanked the company for their commitment to Martin County and noted “Martin County is open for business and that’s why we’re all here.”

The Business Development Board of Martin County worked closely with the company for many months to secure the expansion for Martin County. “I have no problem in saying that if it wasn’t for the aggressiveness of the Business Development Board and getting the governor involved personally, making us feel like we’re not just another boat builder in town, that they wanted us here, that was the reason we’re here now,” said Ed Kelley, controller for American Custom Yachts, an affiliate with American Energy Innovations.

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