Toronto to Lusaka: The World’s Best (and Worst) Business Travel Spots

This summer, London-based news-magazine, The Economist, ranked its best cities for business travel, and three countries dominated the top ten locations.

Canada packed a one-two punch as Toronto (pictured right) and Vancouver snagged the two top spots. Australia’s less-visited cities, Adelaide and Perth, came in third and fourth, while U.S. destination Cleveland rounded out the top five. Honolulu, USA and Melbourne, Australia tied for sixth place, while Brisbane, Australia and Pittsburgh, USA took eighth and ninth places. The tenth spot was occupied by the only destination outside of the Canada-Australia-USA trifecta: Vienna, Austria.

The combination of sound infrastructures and low expenses helped these cities to receive the best business travel ratings, according to The Economist’s Intelligence Unit. When generating data, the index also incorporated other factors, such as crime rates, efficient transportation, recreation, distance from airports, climate, and hotels. It was cost, however, that clearly caused many popular European cities to be absent from the top of the rankings, due to the robust Euro.

Jakarta, Indonesia, Bogota, Colombia, and Lusaka, Zambia, ranked last, were designated the three least attractive business destinations in the world.