Tropicana Expands in Florida

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Tropicana Products Inc. plans to build a new manufacturing facility in Manatee County, according to the Manatee Economic Development Council.

The new facility will occupy 36,000 square feet, and will cost $4 million to construct. As construction nears completion, Tropicana will also invest in new equipment to upgrade its bottling capabilities.

The county’s ability to retain Tropicana’s business was boosted by its rapid-response permitting program, which, County Administrator Ed Hunzeker says, “was designed for this very purpose: to accelerate the investment by qualified businesses in their local facilities.”

Michael Haycock, a vice president with Tropicana, echoed Hunzeker’s comments, saying the permitting program made, “a huge difference for us in meeting market demand.”

“We can’t say enough about how positive our experience has been working with the EDC and Manatee County Government,” Haycock added.

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