Workforce Focus: Site Selection & Quality Of Life

Community involvement and access to a rich variety of activities and amenities have climbed the list of factors for site decisions.

Cheyenne, Wyoming: Life Being Lived!

One important phrase that is a staple of every community’s marketing plan is “Quality of Life.”  Research shows that more often, people are choosing where to live based upon the availability of amenities than the availability of jobs. But what truly creates an overall state of happiness, health, and life satisfaction? Is it a low-stress lifestyle? Access to a lively downtown with abundant shopping, restaurants, and breweries? Is it access to quality education and schools for children? Is it safe and involved communities? Is it all of this, and more?

Like never before, both individuals and companies are evaluating their lives, and the lives of their families. Many are choosing to redefine what a good quality of life means to them. Those in Cheyenne, Wyoming, located just 90 miles north of Denver, Colorado are noticing these changes occurring across the country.   

Cheyenne Wyoming
In Cheyenne, WY, a robust greenway and park system and an average commute time of less than 15 minutes, are part of what defines the quality of life. (Photo: Cheyenne Leads)


Many companies are looking for options to leave states with more restrictive business regulations. Many are calling the Wyoming Business Council and Cheyenne LEADS, the economic development organization for Cheyenne and Laramie County with questions about land availability and the business climate. Site selectors, developers, and businesses owners are noticing the large distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and data centers who already call Cheyenne home. It’s not uncommon to hear that they were unaware of the great things happening in this Midwest state. Simply put, Wyoming is a gem hidden in plain sight.

Businesses have discovered that Cheyenne offers shovel-ready business parks that allow ample space for growth and success, exceptional options for transportation, and top-ranked broadband connectivity. If that wasn’t enough, they learned that both their company and their employees would keep more of the money they have earned as Wyoming does not have many of the taxes that exist in other states. For example, Wyoming does not have Personal or Corporate Income Tax, an Inventory Tax, Sales Tax on manufacturing equipment, and there is no sales tax on electricity and gas used in the manufacturing process. An exceptionally low state sales tax of 4%, and an additional 2% in Cheyenne benefits everyone.  In fact, Wyoming has been ranked #1 in the nation by the Tax Foundation for the last 10 years, based on its overall business tax climate, corporate tax structure & and individual income tax structure.

Those in Cheyenne understand that clean air and water, well-regarded educational institutions and healthcare facilities, a robust greenway and park system, an average commute time of just 14 minutes, and safe communities in which to grow businesses and families define the quality of life. In Wyoming, quality of life is not discussed, it is lived!

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