Workforce Focus: Site Selection & Quality Of Life

Community involvement and access to a rich variety of activities and amenities have climbed the list of factors for site decisions.

Maricopa, Arizona: Growing & Vibrant

If population and housing growth are indicators of livability, then Maricopa is scoring off the charts. In just 20 years, Maricopa’s population has gone from just over 1,000 to more than 75,000 residents. This growth has occurred through a stable and prudent fiscal environment while the expansion of outstanding public services had no impact on the local tax environment. People are moving to Maricopa to enjoy a family-friendly, neighborly, safe, and affordable community that offers a quality of life second to none. Residents of Maricopa enjoy athletic leagues as well as a plethora of indoor and outdoor recreational amenities, like the award-winning Copper Sky Recreation Complex, a premier sporting, fitness, recreation and leisure destination. This expansive complex offers state-of-the-art equipment, green spaces and programs designed to enhance Maricopans’ quality of life.

Quality of Life, Site Selection
Residents of Maricopa, AZ enjoy plethora of indoor and outdoor recreational amenities, like the award-winning Copper Sky Recreation Complex. (Photo: City of Maricopa)


Maricopa’s central location, affordable cost of doing business and cost of living, as well as simplified approval and permitting processes and smart regulations are also some of the many indicators of a pro-business environment. With a Mayor and City Council who are firmly committed to growing a sustainable, globally competitive economy over the long-term, Maricopa has been an innovator in using technology and reducing regulations to make sure that businesses can achieve their goals in a cost-efficient and timely manner. Many national and international leading-edge firms in the automotive and clean tech sectors already operate in Maricopa, as well as leading research institutions in agricultural and climate sciences.

An advantage that distinguishes the community from most American cities is its talented and well-educated local workforce. More than 55% of Maricopa residents have attended college, of which 30% hold college degrees. Providing residents with access to quality education at all levels is one of Maricopa’s primary objectives. Maricopa boasts competitive public, charter, and private schools as well as a Central Arizona College campus. Additionally, the University of Arizona Maricopa Agricultural Center provides facilities and support for outreach programs and teaching Ag-Literacy and University classes.

The City of Maricopa is committed to building a healthcare community that can service the growing needs of its many young families and expanding population. Exceptional Community Hospital, Banner Health Center, and multiple urgent care centers provide significant healthcare options for Maricopa’s residents. In addition, several medical and specialty practices and labs have also established a presence in the city, delivering a wide range of healthcare offerings for residents. The City government is working aggressively with major healthcare providers to establish acute care facilities in Maricopa and plans are currently underway to bring such expanded offerings to the community.

Maricopa continues to experience solid population and economic growth. The enterprising spirit that Maricopa exemplifies as a new American city also characterizes how it has built its economy. Additionally, Maricopa has consistently ranked in Arizona as: Best Place to Raise a Family and Fastest Growing Cities (, 2021); Most Diverse Suburbs and Most Diverse Places to Live (, 2021); Safest Cities (, 2021); and Best Places to Live (, 2021). Come build a city with us!

To learn more, visit www.maricopa.eda.

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