High Tech Keeps Evergreen State Clean

With technology, Washington keeps its reputation as a nature oriented state.

By Kyle Peschler
From the May / June 2024 Issue

As air travel returns to pre-pandemic levels, demand for new aircraft is increasing, as is the need to confront rising carbon dioxide emissions and their global impact, According to the Washington State Department of Commerce, . Hydrogen, electric, and hybrid hydrogen-electric propulsion systems are making promising inroads on small commuter, private and short-range commercial aircraft. Initial tests have been conducted on retrofitted fossil-fuel aircraft, but new ground-up designs from factory floors and undergoing flight trials.

A focus on sustainability extends beyond aviation in Washington. Evergreen State officials have been taking drastic measures to make sure they have lightened the state’s environmental footprint. With 50,000 miles of rivers and streams, Washington has been able to use its natural resources to create a cleaner energy portfolio.

The state will require the use of “alternative energy supplies such as solar, wind, hydrogen, biomass, and tidal.” The state of Washington aims to be 100% carbon neutral by 2045. Since Washington is rich with natural resources, the state is making it a priority for industries to shift its energy infrastructure to sources that will leave less of a damaging impact on the environment.

Industrial Park Comes To Bremerton, WA

The Olympic View Industrial Park (OVIP), located in Bremerton, WA, is one of the largest industrial parks in Washington outside of a major city, i.e., Seattle, Tacoma. With hundreds of acres of developable land, OVIP caters to a variety of companies — whether one acre for a mom-and-pop shop or 25 acres for a manufacturing facility. Businesses will be in good company with businesses like SAFE Boats, Inventech Marine Solutions, General Dynamics Electric Boat, and more.

Olympic View Industrial Park is owned and operated by the Port of Bremerton, a well-regarded organization that was recently honored as Washington’s 2023 Port of the Year. This recognition is a testament to the Port’s commitment to quality operations, community investment, and sustainable energy. By choosing OVIP, companies aligning with a trusted partner who consistently invests in capital improvements to facilities and tenant support.

Olympic View Industrial Park, Port of Bremerton, Washington
The new Olympic View Industrial Park, located in Port of Bremerton, WA. (Photo: Isaak Hammers)


Olympic View Industrial Park offers the best of both worlds in Kitsap County’s affordable and beautiful area while maintaining an advantageous industry edge via a foreign trade zone, on-site railroad access, and adjacent airport (Bremerton National Airport with a 6,000-foot runway). Notably, the rail connections connect the property to the Port of Grays Harbor via the Puget Sound & Pacific (PSAP), which also connects to the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) and Union Pacific (UP) mainlines. Sites at OVIP offer shovel-ready properties with water, sewage, fiber optics, and other amenities available, as well as land leases that include favorable environmental standards.

Moreover, Kitsap County is known for its skilled work force, allowing companies to thrive through expansion or just beginning. Located close to the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and variety of colleges, including Olympic College that maintains a favorable welding program, this region is equipped to handle large-scale operations.

For more information, visit www.portofbremerton.org.

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