Top Amazon Reseller Chooses Delaware For Spinoff Company’s Fulfillment Center

The spinoff, supply-chain management company of a top Amazon reseller and national ecommerce leader will plant its roots in the same state as its parent company.

EtailFlow LLC, created by PCOnline, will be located in Newark, Delaware, and bring at least 45 jobs to the state over the next three years. Employment opportunities are expected to range from warehouse staff and technicians to workshop operators and logistic specialists.

Sitting adjacent to PCOnline’s headquarters in Prides Crossing, plans for the EtailFlow site include a fulfillment center, a “fully customized ERP system,” and direct business-to-consumer orders, among other operations, according to Choose Delaware.

Gov. John Carney said PCOnline’s decision “reaffirms” Delaware’s position as an ideal place for businesses to thrive.

EtailFlow, a PCOnline spinoff company, will be located in Newark, Delaware. PCOnline is one of Amazon’s top resellers. (Photo: Adobe Stock/Felix Mizioznikov)

Two University of Delaware graduate students founded PCOnline in 2015 to resell computers on Amazon. It has since become a top Amazon reseller, expanded to other ecommerce markets, and begun offering additional supply chain services in the form of EtailFlow.

“At EtailFlow, our core mission is to redefine the supply chain industry while leaving a meaningful impact on our community,” said Charles Zhang, EtailFlow’s Chief Executive Officer. “We are dedicated to generating more employment prospects for our local community, ultimately infusing vitality in the Delaware economy.”

EtailFlow received a Jobs Performance Grant up to $155,970 from the Council on Development Finance.

Delaware Prosperity Partnership is supporting the grant, for which its distribution is contingent on meeting commitments noted in EtailFlow’s request to CDF. The DPP was created in 2017 and is the nonprofit arm for Delaware’s economic development efforts.

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