The Roaring 2010s

From the Desk of the Editor in Chief

The Great Recession is over. We are still here and, because you are reading this, so are you. We all have been tested, and those who have passed this test are  poised to emerge stronger than ever.

The economic landscape remains littered with casualties of the big collapse. Fiscal triage units continue to minister to the walking wounded. Nattering nabobs of negativism whisper dire warnings that the recovery will be short-lived.

We beg to differ. During the past 12 months we have seen the resilience of the economic development community as it met this crisis head-on with boldness and determination. Growth sectors of the future have been pulled out of incubators and activated. The staying power of these initiatives will be measured by the long-term life cycle of sustainable development, not the daily fluctuations on Wall Street.

The challenges are great: a carbon-free power grid must be installed; a smart-growth infrastructure must be built over existing structures; an entire economy must be reinvented.

The opportunities are greater. On our new GIS-turbocharged Online Site Seekers’ Guide you will find the organizations and individuals who stand ready to work with you to seize those opportunities. As always, we look forward to throwing our spotlight on the most successful and innovative locations.

We know you will keep us busy. A new day is dawning and the future is now. Let’s get to work!

Jack Rogers