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The Entergy Region

Entergy’s four state territory spanning Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas is home to the largest industrial base in the U.S. It offers a rare combination of resources: a central U.S. location with direct access to raw materials and markets, a favorable business climate, an expansive infrastructure, a skilled and affordable workforce and very competitive utility costs.





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Entergy Is Your First Resource for Site Selection

Entergy serves some of the largest and most power intensive industries in the United States. Entergy understands that siting new or expanding industrial facilities can be a complex process. Entergy also understands that reliable and affordable energy plays a major role in predictable business operations and profitability. Entergy’s Business Development Team provides comprehensive assistance to support your business case within the Entergy region—Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.

Economic Development

Key Industries

Advanced Materials »

In Louisiana and Texas, the Advanced Materials manufacturing industry is on a growth trajectory. These are prime locations for businesses in this sector due to the workforce and training programs; proximity to oil, natural gas and minerals; the rail, port and highway infrastructure; and the availability of electricity at rates typically 20% below the national average.

Agribusiness »

Arkansas and Louisiana are prime locations for companies serving agribusinesses. This sector encompasses various components of agricultural production including agrichemicals, crop production, farm machinery and equipment, food processing, seed supply, distribution, sales and marketing.

Automotive Manufacturing »

Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi are prime locations for the automotive industry, offering a business-friendly environment where auto manufacturers and their suppliers can operate successfully.

Chemical Products »

The Entergy service territory is home to chemical cluster businesses representing approximately 105,873 jobs. These include manufacturers of basic, intermediate and specialty chemicals as well as interdependent and complementary industries.

Data Centers »

Texas is a prime location for companies developing data centers. According to the TechAmerica Foundation, Texas has the second largest technology workforce in the U.S., representing more than 29,000 technology companies.

Distribution & Warehousing »

Mississippi is a prime location for companies focused on transportation logistics, including the distribution and warehousing of goods. With its central location and excellent highway system, Mississippi is a transportation hub for goods in the United States.

Energy Services & Manufacturing »

The petrochemical/oil and gas cluster is a predominant economic driver of the Entergy Texas service territory. This includes the extraction and transportation of crude oil and natural gas; the manufacturing of machinery and equipment for oil and gas exploration and production; and other support for oil and gas field operations.

Food Processing »

Mississippi is a prime location for companies in the food processing sector. Over 18,000 workers in the Entergy Mississippi territory are employed in food manufacturing, with job growth expected to remain stable over the next 10 years.

Metal Fabrication »

In the Entergy service territory, the Metal Fabrication sector is projected to grow by almost 6% from 2014 to 2019, and Louisiana and Texas are prime locations for businesses in this sector. These regions have a concentration of the key resources Metal Fabrication companies need to be successful, including an affordable workforce; proximity to customers; excellent road, rail and port infrastructure; and electricity at rates typically 20% below the national average.

Wood and Paper Products »

Arkansas and Mississippi are prime locations for companies serving the wood and paper products industry. The paper products manufacturing industry in the U.S. represents more than 3,000 companies with annual revenue of $180 billion, much of that in the corrugated cardboard boxes market.

Primary Metals »

The key resources that Primary Metals businesses need to be successful are all available in the Entergy Region: sites with access to a trained workforce, proximity to customers, a transportation infrastructure including seven Class 1 rail lines, and reliable electricity at rates typically 20% lower than the national average.

The Entergy Region –

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