The Atlantic 10 Conference Will Relocate HQ To Washington, DC

Efficiency of travel played a significant role in the Atlantic 10 Conference's decision to relocate its headquarters to Washington, DC.

The Atlantic 10 Conference will relocate its headquarters to Washington, DC, making it the first and only NCAA Division I conference to have its headquarters based in the nation’s capital. The conference has been headquartered in Newport News, VA since 2009.

The Atlantic 10 will start the move into its new offices in November. The move is expected to be completed in June 2024, following the 2023-24 academic and athletic year.

Atlantic 10 Conference, Washington, DC
(Source: WDCEP)


The decision to relocate the headquarters to Washington, DC was unanimously supported by the Atlantic 10 Presidents Council.

Atlantic 10 Conference, Washington, DC
Bernadette V. McGlade, Commissioner, A-10

“The District is a vibrant major location with significant advantages in travel, economics and nationally recognized media,” said A-10 Commissioner Bernadette V. McGlade. “Washington provides access to a highly educated, diverse community that embraces Fortune 500 companies, innovative technology and is the political center of the world, all factors in the current college athletics landscape. With its robust sports history and dedicated fan bases throughout the national capital region, we are proud and excited to move to Washington, DC.”

Efficiency of travel to and from the league office played a significant role in the decision to relocate, with seven of the league’s 15 members within a four-hour commute, and three major airports providing direct flight access to the entire conference footprint. This also allows the A-10 Presidents Council and other governance groups to easily reach the conference office for meetings.

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The new office is located in the National Center for Higher Education building near Dupont Circle. The building also houses headquarters offices for The American Council on Education (ACE), and other tenants in higher education, including an NCAA satellite bureau. The new headquarters includes a state-of-the-art advance media studio, content production, editing office and broadcast studio. The space features single and shared offices with workstations, a staff conference room, and larger conference meeting spaces to conduct both virtual and in-person large meetings. The A-10 partnered with the District of Columbia Government, the Washington DC Economic Partnership (WDCEP), and Events DC for the move.

“We are incredibly excited to welcome the Atlantic 10 Conference headquarters to the Sports Capital,” said DC Mayor Muriel Bowser. “DC is a city where people and organizations come to collaborate, attract new talent, and grow. We also know that sports bring people together, so having the A-10 in DC is a win-win for our city and for sports. We look forward to working with Commissioner McGlade and her team on the new partnerships and opportunities ahead and welcoming their 15 member schools to the best city in the world.”

Washington, DC has previously served as the host city for the league’s signature event, the A-10 Men’s Basketball Championship, which was played at Capital One Arena in 2018 and 2022, and will again host the 15-team tournament in 2025. DC has also hosted the Atlantic 10 Volleyball, Women’s Lacrosse and Softball Championships, and the Cross Country, Baseball and Rowing Championships have been held in the DC metro region.

Atlantic 10 Conference, Washington, DC
Chad Shuskey, Interim President & CEO, WDCEP

“Bringing the Atlantic 10 to DC was a collective effort between DMPED, DestinationDC, Events DC and WDCEP,” said Chad Shuskey, Interim President & CEO, WDCEP. “The Atlantic 10’s relocation reinforces the District as a premier destination for marquee collegiate events as well as a top location for headquarters.”

The Atlantic 10 Conference headquarters relocation to Washington, DC illustrates the city’s ability to attract major athletic organizations within the evolving college sports landscape.

“The changing landscape of collegiate athletics presented a unique opportunity for WDCEP and the city to recruit a major D-1 Conference headquarters,” said Mike O’Hara, co-chair of WDCEP Board of Directors and Principal of Bohler DC. “This is a tribute to our city’s strengths.”   

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