Systems Group To Create 60 Jobs With Arkansas Expansion

Systems' El Dorado fabrication and machine shop expansion has been approved to participate in the Arkansas Economic Development Corporation’s Advantage Arkansas program.

The Systems Group will purchase 47 acres of land next to its current El Dorado, AR facility to expand its main fabrication and machine shop. Systems has been experiencing growth in all of its business units focused on the U.S. steel production industry. The expansion will allow the company to make more of its patented Spray-Cooled™ equipment, which is used to prevent Electric Arc Furnaces from melting while producing new, liquid steel.

The expansion is already underway, and Systems plans to invest in land, equipment, and buildings and hire 60 new employees at its El Dorado location. The company also has operations in Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, and New Jersey.

Systems Group El Dorado, AR
Systems Fab & Machine – El Dorado, AR Campus

“This is an exciting time in the steel industry,” said Lee Morgan, president and owner of Systems. “America is going through a resurgence of bringing manufacturing jobs back to the USA, and our business is benefiting from that. The steel industry is investing in new mills and expansions, and as a result, Systems’ orders are dramatically increasing for our Spray-Cooled™ equipment, SMAC air cleaners, and our maintenance and construction services. This expansion will help us triple the equipment we currently build in Arkansas.”

Charles Hays Jr., CEO of Systems explained why the company chose to expand El Dorado: “We are very excited to bring more jobs to South Arkansas. Most of our competitors build their equipment overseas and import it. We are proud to make our Spray-Cooled™ equipment right here in the USA. We proudly put ‘Made in the USA’ in big letters on our equipment and our customers love it. We are committed to growing in El Dorado.”

The Arkansas Economic Development Corporation (ADEC) has approved Systems’ expansion to participate in the Advantage Arkansas program.

Systems Group El Dorado, AR
Systems welder working on a piece of Spray-Cooled equipment. (Source: The Systems Group)

“The Systems Group continues to build on the momentum in the steel industry as more and more manufacturing jobs are returning to the country,” said Governor Asa Hutchinson. “We are excited that The Systems Group decided to expand their operations here in El Dorado and that they have found the people and business climate here that will enable them to meet the growing demands of their clients. Because of the confidence they have in our South Arkansas workforce, 60 employees will have jobs that will improve their financial bottom lines and quality of life.”

“The Systems Group is a great example of why we need to invest more in our skilled workforce,” said Secretary of Commerce Mike Preston. “The new jobs being created in El Dorado are for welders, fitters, and fabricators – jobs that are in high demand throughout the state that can lead to lifelong career opportunities. We look forward to working with The Systems Group as they continue to grow.”