U.S. Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority
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Doing business in the U.S. Virgin IslandsThe U.S. Virgin Islands boasts robust tax incentives, a skilled workforce, and U.S. ports to keep businesses globally connected. Our St. Croix trade zone has over 300 acres of available green space to attract manufacturing/assembly, warehousing, and transshipment activities.

— Wayne L. Biggs, Jr., Chief Executive Officer,
U.S. Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority
Doing business in the U.S. Virgin Islands
Aerial view of the Waterfront Promenade in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. (Photo: Viable Pictures LLC)


Population: 105,870¹
GDP (2020): $4 billion²

¹World Bank
²Federal Reserve Bank of New York


The Economic Development Commission Program and the South Shore Trade Zone Program, both sanctioned by the U.S. Government, offer a 90% reduction in corporate income taxes, a 100% exemption in real business property taxes, and significant reductions in customs duties.


Professional/Technical Services: This is a growing sector in the USVI. We seek companies in IT, financial services, consulting, customer service, and back-office operations.

Coastal and Ocean Resources: The blue economy is vitally important to the USVI. Boat building/repair, fisheries, shipping, ports, dredging, transport, and related businesses are sought to enhance and sustain this sector.

Light Manufacturing and Assembly: Diversification in USVI manufacturing, currently dominated by rum production, is desired. Promising opportunities exist in manufacturing regional foods and resilient building materials.


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