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Doing business in Alaska

From logistics to unmanned aircraft, from critical minerals to low- and no-carbon energy, and much more, Alaska is a resource powerhouse in a strategic position on the globe that has much more to offer than just our beautiful scenery and wildlife.

— Governor Mike Dunleavy,
2023 State of the State Address
Doing business in Alaska
Alaska offers a strategic location for domestic and global business. (Photo: Adobe Stock)


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#3 Logistics Leaders: Anchorage
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From the July / August 2023 issue of Business Facilities


Oil & Gas: A 2023 study, by the McKinley Research Group and commissioned by the Alaska Oil and Gas Association, found that oil and gas employment, spending, tax revenues and spinoff effects supported 16% of the state’s jobs in 2022.

Mariculture: As part of the Build Back Better Regional Challenge, the Alaska Mariculture Cluster has been awarded nearly $49 million in grants to support the local mariculture industry.

Tourism & Outdoor Recreation: A report from the National Park Service estimates the economic impact of visitors to Alaska in 2022. According to the agency, parks attracted 2 million visitors who spent $1.16 billion in the state.


In September 2023, Graphite One Inc., which is planning a complete domestic U.S. supply chain for advanced graphite materials, announced it had arranged a strategic investment from the Bering Straits Native Corporation (BSNC) for up to $10.4 million. Formed in 1972, BSNC is the regional Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) for the Bering Strait region, which includes the Seward Peninsula in Western Alaska and the coastal lands surrounding Norton Sound. The Graphite Creek Project is located on state and private land in the BSNC region.


Population (July 2022 est.): 733,583¹
Largest Cities (2020): Anchorage (290,637); Fairbanks (32,619); Juneau (32,195); Wasilla (9,116); Sitka (8,428)¹
Real GDP (2022): $49.6 billion²

¹U.S. Census Bureau
²Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Dept. of Commerce


The Alaska Manufacturing Extension Partnership encourages the strength and competitiveness of Alaska manufacturers of all sizes. It does this through training, consulting, collaboration-focused industry programs, and by leveraging government, university, and economic development partnerships.


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