SPECIAL REPORT: Devens – Secret Weapon In The Battle For Business

Photo: Devenscommunity.com

By Business Facilities Staff
From the May/June 2013 issue

Where troops in full battle gear and rations once lined in formation, workers armed with iPads and lattes now gather. Where soldiers stood decades ago, high-tech execs squint to take aim at targets today; this time with new patents and breakthroughs in their sites.

Somehow it’s fitting that in the battle of business supremacy and market share, Devens, a 4,400-acre former military base is helping startups to industry leaders succeed and conquer.

“Devens is like no place in the region,” explained Richard Henderson, MassDevelopment Executive Vice President of Real Estate. “This is a planned, business-supportive environment with a bottom-line goal to help companies grow and prosper in Massachusetts. Whatever we can do to make that objective easier, we’ll do.”

With rents rising, the competition for talent heating up, and municipal hurdles getting more complex, Devens offers financial, procedural and workplace support that is unmatched. More than a place to do business, Devens is a place to grow business.

When companies move to Devens, for example, a wide range of financial programs can be accessed and tools are offered to finance the initial transaction. State and local tax incentives are also available.

“We want it to be an easy decision for companies to stay in Massachusetts and grow in Massachusetts,” said Henderson. “Our proximity to Boston and our unique support provide the absolute best scenario for many firms. We can help their companies in ways private business locations can’t come close to matching. Locating at Devens can truly turn into a distinct competitive advantage.”

Because Devens is a self-supporting, quasi-public environment that was created specifically to support and grow businesses—and not a municipality—the zoning and permitting hurdles associated with most cities and towns are greatly reduced.

Permitting is guaranteed in 75 days and flexible, pad-ready sites are already in place with room for expansion. Because of the support and flexibility offered at Devens, global pharma leader Bristol-Myers Squibb built a $750-million facility that was permitted in just 49 days. All with the most attractive business-oriented infrastructure and services in place to support tenants.

“Along with being a great place to work, Devens is an outstanding place to live, visit and enjoy,” said Henderson. “We want people to live and thrive here. This is an attractive place to bring and retain workers and their families; Devens has all the services and advantages that appeal to today’s modern workforce.”

Amenities include state-of-the-art educational and training facilities on site, hotels, conference centers, retail, dining and other conveniences located in a new downtown. Devens also offers 2,100 protected acres of open space, an award-winning golf course and other recreational amenities. Adjacent to Route 2 and 495, Devens is close to everything Greater Boston and all of New England has to offer.

The appeal of Devens to companies, workers and residents is skyrocketing. Today, Devens is home for companies that range from high-tech to pharmaceutical, manufacturing to emerging technologies. “There’s one place that gives companies of all types a unique edge—a fighting chance in today’s competitive landscape, said Henderson.”

That place is Devens. For more information on Devens visit www.DevensCommunity.com. Or call 978.784.2906.