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Arizona Directory of Economic Development Organizations

Arizona Directory of Economic Development Organizations.

Quick Facts

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey

  • Capital: Phoenix
  • Population (2015 Est.): 6,828,065
  • Largest Cities (2015): Phoenix, 1,563,025; Tucson, 531,641; Mesa, 471,825; Chandler, 260,828; Gilbert, 247,542; Glendale, 240,126
  • Targeted Industries: Aerospace & Defense, Cybersecurity, Technology & Innovation, Bioscience & Healthcare, Renewable Energy, Optics & Photonics, Advanced Manufacturing, Advanced Business Services
  • Key Incentives: Quality Jobs, Qualified Facility, Computer Data Center (CDC), TPT Exemption for Electricity, Renewable Energy Tax Incentives Program, Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ), Military Reuse Zone (MRZ)
  • GDP (All Industry 2015): $290.6 billion*

*Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce


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