Refresco Beverage Will Invest $13M In New York Expansion

Refresco Beverage will expand its warehousing and distribution operations in Dunkirk; AMD grows semiconductor R&D facilities in Monroe and Dutchess counties, creating up to 165 jobs by 2025.

Refresco Beverage will invest $13 million to acquire a facility in Dunkirk, New York to expand its warehousing and distribution capabilities. The project will retain 350 existing full-time jobs and create an additional 10 full-time jobs in Chautauqua County over the next five years.

In exchange for its job creation and capital investment commitments, Empire State Development (ESD) offered Refresco Beverages up to $500,000 in performance-based Excelsior Jobs Program tax credits and a $500,000 Western New York Regional Economic Development Council Capital Grant.

“By creating and supporting good jobs in Chautauqua County, Refresco’s expansion will build on the company’s long-standing role as a critical part of the region’s economy,” said Governor Kathy Hochul. “My administration will continue to support important projects like this that invest in the future of New York and help lay the foundation for economic growth for generations to come.”

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Refresco produces and bottles fruit and vegetable juices, mineral water, iced tea, sports drinks and carbonated beverages, for a total of almost 15 billion liters annually. The beverage company purchased the long-vacant Kraft and ConAgra building from the County of Chautauqua Industrial Development Agency (CCIDA). Built in 1960, the three-story industrial food production facility includes a large warehouse space, office space, cold storage, a tank room, loading docks, and four rail sidings. Refresco will spend approximately $13 million to renovate the interior of the 243,800-square-foot manufacturing building to operate the facility for warehouse and distribution.

“We worked long and hard with Refresco to make this project a reality,” said Mark Geise, CCIDA CEO and Deputy County Executive for Economic Development. “The CCIDA took ownership of the former Conagra facility almost a decade ago, and it has been cared for but underutilized since. It only made sense that Refresco should assume ownership of the facility in order to expand their campus and improve their system efficiencies.

“The CCIDA worked with Refresco, along with Empire State Development and the City of Dunkirk, for almost 2 years and provided incentives to bring this project to fruition,” Geise continued. “It is just another example of collaboration, and signifies that manufacturing, especially our food and beverage sector, are alive and well in Chautauqua County. I’m thrilled that the CCIDA could play a key role in facilitating investment in this large building, while creating jobs, in order to improve the quality of life for Chautauqua County businesses and residents.”

AMD Establishes Two Semiconductor R&D Facilities In NY

California-based designer of high-performance semiconductors AMD is growing its next generation technology business in New York State. The company has established state-of-the-art research and design facilities at the Linden Oaks Office Park in Monroe County, and at the Westgate Business Park in the Village of Fishkill in Dutchess County, and has committed to creating up to 165 jobs by 2025. The new facilities focus on the design and validation of mixed-signal integrated circuits and packaging for processors that are used in cloud computing, data centers, gaming, and PCs. Both locations are now fully operational.

“We are excited to expand our presence in the region, which is renowned for its top research universities and engineering talent, and to continue advancing leading-edge semiconductor innovation in the U.S.”

— Mark Papermaster,
Executive VP/CTO, AMD

“AMD employees in Monroe and Dutchess County are focused on research and design efforts to develop next generation high-performance processors,” said AMD Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Mark Papermaster. “We are excited to expand our presence in the region, which is renowned for its top research universities and engineering talent, and to continue advancing leading-edge semiconductor innovation in the U.S.”

ESD will provide AMD with up to $5 million in performance-based Excelsior Tax Credits in exchange for the statewide job creation commitments. Starting with an initial investment of $3.3 million, the company expects to continue to further finance operations at both locations over the next several years. Greater Rochester Enterprise also offered critical assistance for this project.

“It is through incredible projects like this that we are further demonstrating New York’s continued commitment to fostering the growth of innovative semiconductor businesses,” said Gov. Hochul. “I am incredibly proud to support AMD’s forward-thinking investments in Monroe and Dutchess Counties that are moving our communities forward and further cementing New York’s reputation as the national hub for high-technology research, development, design and manufacturing.”

In her January State of the State address, Gov. Hochul announced the creation of GO SEMI: the Governor’s Office of Semiconductor Expansion, Management, and Integration. GO SEMI, led by ESD, will work in coordination with federal and local partners and oversee investments in the semiconductor industry, and will shape and implement a broader, national model for maximizing industry and community returns on such public/private partnerships.

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“AMD’s decision to establish world-class mixed signal IC and packaging design centers in New York is a testament to our state’s thriving high-technology ecosystem,” commented Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce President and CEO and Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council Co-Chair Bob Duffy. “We are especially proud to support AMD’s investment in Monroe County, as it further solidifies the Greater Rochester region’s reputation as a national hub for research, development, design, and manufacturing in the high-tech industry. We thank Governor Kathy Hochulfor her support, and are excited to work alongside AMD to support their expansion and foster the continued success of the semiconductor industry in our region.”

“The Greater Rochester, NY region has a highly skilled engineering workforce perfectly aligned to support AMD’s growth in the semiconductor industry,” said Greater Rochester Enterprise President and CEO Matt Hurlbutt. “Our university partners are aligning curriculum to meet the needs of AMD’s current and future workforce. We look forward to continuing to support AMD leaders as they establish their engineering hub and design center in Rochester.”

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