Planting Seeds for Growth

From the Desk of the Editor in Chief

This month, we take our annual look at the high-growth biotechnology sector. Usually, our biotech bonanza is chock full of good news, a welcome tonic to the uncertain outlook in other industries.

However, this year we must report that the nation’s still-teetering recovery is causing private investors to sit on their cash—even for breakthrough biotechnologies that promise to revolutionize medicine, agriculture and energy.

As seed money dries up, the leadership position of the U.S. in biotech is being threatened. We encourage venture capitalists to open their wallets and do their part to bring tomorrow’s miracle drugs and biofuels out of the labs and into the markets.

We also want to take a moment to give a shout-out to our friends in Tuscaloosa, AL and Joplin, MO, both of which were ravaged recently by mammoth tornadoes. Hundreds of people were killed and thousands of homes were demolished by these terrible storms, which generated winds approaching 200 m.p.h.

Our hearts ache for the victims, but we were cheered by numerous stories detailing incredible heroism in the face of certain death. As reported in this month’s Snapshots sidebar, the residents of these communities already have begun to rebuild, showing courage and resilience that is lifting the spirit of the nation.

We look forward to seeing Tuscaloosa and Joplin get back on their feet and come back bigger and better than ever.