New Report Compares Operating Costs Across High-Tech Corridors

Released by The Boyd Company, the report identifies 30 top high-tech corridors in the U.S. with a comparative operating cost analysis germane to companies in high-growth advanced manufacturing sectors.

Early this month, The Boyd Company released a report focused on annual operating costs related to advanced manufacturing site selection. Founded in Princeton, NJ in 1975, The Boyd Company provides independent site selection counsel to leading U.S. and overseas corporations. The firm is a leading authority in comparative business cost analysis, with advanced manufacturing clients that include Boeing, Hewlett-Packard, Pratt & Whitney, APC/Schneider Electric, Safran Landing Gear, Philips, and Tritium.

This new report identifies 30 top high-tech corridors in the U.S. and provides a detailed comparative operating cost analysis germane to companies in high-growth advanced manufacturing sectors like semiconductors, electric vehicles, battery production, aerospace, robotics, and others.

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The Boyd Company findings show total annual operating costs ranging from a high of $53.6 million in the Bay Area Route 101 Corridor in Northern California to a low of $39.5 million in the Central Texas SH 130 Corridor. Overall costs were scaled to a hypothetical 350,000-square-foot production facility employing 500 workers.

The new Boyd Co. study has been structured to be a relevant cost-comparison tool for a broad segment of advanced manufacturing companies engaged in such sectors as:

  • Precision Metalworking
  • Engineered Plastics,
  • Semiconductors,
  • Battery Production
  • Robotics
  • Composites
  • Aerospace
  • Medical Devices
  • Other Advanced Manufacturing Fields

Locations included in the Boyd analysis demonstrate a diverse range of site selection strengths, including available skillsets in advanced manufacturing, strong vocational training linkages, highly developed transportation and telecommunications networks, significant inventories of industrial sites, regional market access, precedent high tech operations and others.

Why Corridors?

Currently, site-seeking companies want to access the greatest labor market and workforce assets possible amid today’s historic labor shortages brought on by the pandemic’s Great Resignation. Companies also want to be proximate to major infrastructure, transportation hubs, centers of talent in-migration and hubs of support services – but also in locations that offer affordable operating cost structures.

Because of all these factors, many site-seeking companies begin their search along a prominent interstate highway or public transit corridor. The new Boyd study identifies 30 top high-tech highway corridors in the U.S. and provides a detailed comparative operating cost analysis scaled to a representative advanced manufacturing plant.

The 30 top high-tech corridors named and surveyed in the Boyd analysis are profiled below, alphabetically by state.

  • Phoenix Loop 101 Corridor (AZ)
  • Los Angeles I-405 Corridor (CA)
  • Inland Empire I-215 Corridor (CA)
  • Sacramento Highway 50 Corridor (CA)
  • San Diego I-5 Corridor (CA)
  • Bay Area Route 101 Corridor (CA)
  • Denver Highway 36 Corridor (CO)
  • Connecticut I-95 Corridor (CT)
  • Central Florida I-4 Corridor (FL)
  • South Florida I-95 Corridor (FL)
  • Atlanta I-20 Corridor (GA)
  • Chicago I-90 Corridor (IL)
  • Indianapolis Keystone Parkway Corridor (IN)
  • Maryland I-270 Corridor (MD)
  • Boston Route 128 Corridor (MA)
  • Michigan I-94 Corridor (MI)
  • Michigan I-96 Corridor (MI)
  • Minneapolis I-94 Corridor (MN)
  • Southern Nevada I-515 Corridor (NV)
  • New Jersey Route 1 Corridor (NJ)
  • Upstate New York I-90 Corridor (NY)
  • Long Island Expressway Corridor (NY)
  • Columbus Ohio I-70 Corridor (OH)
  • Portland Sunset Highway Corridor (OR)
  • Philadelphia Route 202 Corridor (PA)
  • Central Texas SH 130 Corridor (TX)
  • Dallas Telecom Corridor (TX)
  • Dulles Technology Corridor (TX)
  • Northern Virginia I-66 Corridor (VA)
  • Seattle I-90 Corridor (WA)

Total Annual Operating Cost Rankings

Below is a cost ranking of the 30 high-tech corridors surveyed by The Boyd Co.

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Source: The Boyd Co.

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