Business Report: Mississippi – Delta-Energy Group Locating Operations In Natchez

By Sonia Wells
From the March/April 2015 issue

Delta-Energy Group, LLC, a resource recovery company, has announced it is locating operations in the former International Paper facility in Natchez, MS. The project represents a corporate investment of $45 million and will create 91 new jobs.

From its Natchez location, wholly owned subsidiary Delta-Energy Natchez, LLC will use its proprietary process to reclaim purchased feedstock from products derived from scrap tires, such as carbon solids and hydrocarbon liquids, with no waste. The company will then sell the carbon product for use in rubber compounds, and the liquids will be sold within the chemical industry.

“I appreciate the team at Delta-Energy for choosing to locate these operations in Natchez and for creating so many new jobs for the area’s residents,” Gov. Phil Bryant said. “Companies locate and expand in Mississippi because we strive to provide a supportive business climate. I look forward to watching Delta-Energy thrive in Adams County.”

“We are pleased to bring to commercial scale our technology development efforts of more than 10 years in a community and state, which demonstrates support for business innovation and real leadership in providing training skills development for its citizens,” said Delta-Energy CEO Paul Lee. “We are proud to call Natchez home and expect to accomplish great things together.”

The Mississippi Development Authority provided assistance in support of the project to rebuild a rail spur serving the site. “MDA is glad to have the resources in place to assist companies as they expand or locate in the state, and we are proud to welcome our newest business partner—Delta-Energy Group—to Southwest Mississippi,” said MDA Executive Director Brent Christensen. “We thank our partners at Natchez, Inc. and Adams County for their efforts in bringing Delta-Energy to our state.”

Delta-Energy Group began as project of the RJ Lee Group, a premier materials science company of 250 individuals specializing in developing materials science technologies that solve tough scientific issues. Through its patented DEPolymerization™ process, Delta-Energy perfected a means to recover D-E Black® carbon solids products with properties comparable to thermal and furnace carbon blacks. Delta’s technical achievement has been recognized by the international consulting firm Frost and Sullivan by presentation of the North American Resource Recovery Technology Innovation Award. For more information, visit

In Prentiss County, officials from Pro South announce the company is expanding its operations by adding a sawmill at its location near Booneville, MS. The project represents a $2.75 million company investment and will create 57 new jobs.

Pro South is involved in several sectors of the timber industry. In addition to the company’s logging, trucking, timber purchasing, and wood yard services operations, Pro South’s new sawmill will produce large quantities of processed lumber and timber products.

“We are excited about the future of our company and for the new job creation in our own hometown as a result of this latest sawmill project,” said Pro South President Russell Stites. “By diversifying our business, we are seeking to provide enhanced job security and longevity for all of our employees, new additions and long-termers alike, that make this growth opportunity possible.”

The Mississippi Development Authority provided assistance in support of the project to transport and reassemble refurbished equipment, as well as for workforce training.


GE Capital Aviation Services salvages parts from commercial jetliners at its facilities at Greenwood-Leflore Airport in Mississippi, which has undertaken recent upgrades to attract new and expanded business.
GE Capital Aviation Services salvages parts from commercial jetliners at its facilities at Greenwood-Leflore Airport in Mississippi, which has undertaken recent upgrades to attract new and expanded business. (Photo: GECAS.)

GE Capital Aviation Services is looking at a possible expansion of its facility at Greenwood-Leflore Airport. GE Capital salvages parts from commercial jetliners at its facilities at the airport.

Allan Hammons, with the Greenwood-Leflore-Carroll Economic Development Foundation, told The Greenwood Commonwealth that talks are in the early stages. He says work is being done on potential backing for an expansion.

The operation was known as The Memphis Group before it was purchased by GE Capital in 2006.

Hammons said recent upgrades at the airport, including the acquisition of a 3,000-gallon Oshkosh T3000 airport fire and rescue vehicle, helped set the groundwork for a possible expansion and may also make the airport a more attractive location for other aviation companies.

There are four industrial parks located in the Greenwood-Leflore-Carroll area:

Airport Industrial Park. The Airport Industrial Park, located in Carroll County, offers sites with the built-in advantages of an all-weather, heavy jet cargo airport. Adjacent to four-lane U.S. Highway 82, the airport is only 20 minutes from Interstate Highway 55.

Greenwood-Leflore Industrial Park. The Greenwood-Leflore Industrial Park has 1,200 acres of flat, easily-developed sites. The park is serviced by three electrical utilities and is bordered by two railways and two U.S. Highways. This park offers a 30-acre qualified industrial site.

Itta Bena Industrial Park. The Itta Bena Industrial Park has 400 acres of industrial sites adjacent to U.S. Highway 82 and across from Mississippi Valley State University. This park also has an established business incubator on site.

Rising Sun Waterfront Industrial Park. The Rising Sun Waterfront Industrial Park is located three miles south of Greenwood and consists of more than 750 acres with substantial frontage along the Yazoo River. The river is navigable to Vicksburg where it joins the Mississippi River.

The Greenwood-Leflore Industrial Park is home to major industry players, including Milwaukee Electric Tool Company, HDW, Inc. and The John Richard Company. The Airport Industrial Park markets to aviation-related companies and currently houses GE Capital Aviation Services. The Itta Bena Industrial Park, located in West Leflore County, is geared toward retail and service sector industry. The Rising Sun Industrial Park, located off Highway 49 South, is ideal for ag-related industry such as Express Grain, which currently occupies about 150 acres.

Greenwood and Leflore County have more than 2,000 acres available for commercial construction. Over the past two years, it has sold acreage to APAC-MS and The Clint Williams Company, a division of Texoma Peanuts. Coburns Supply Co., a distributor, recently announced it will occupy 180,000 square feet of existing space in Greenwood-Leflore Industrial Park.