Mighty Mississippi Flexes Tech Muscles, Abundant Sites, Supportive Business Climate

Mississippi is preparing for the future of industry by developing a high-tech workforce, premier shovel-ready sites and an even stronger business environment with no red tape.

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Mississippi business climate

Technology impacts every aspect of Mississippi’s economy, and companies in a range of sectors like advanced manufacturing, aerospace, agribusiness, automotive, healthcare and logistics are increasingly relying on technological advancements to compete successfully in today’s marketplace.

With the understanding of the need for skilled workers to implement new technology, Mississippi is investing $50 million in workforce training programs to prepare a next-generation workforce to take on the jobs of the future.

“Mississippi has always embraced technology. We are preparing our workers for the cutting edge of technology in every industry and investing significantly in the success of our citizens,” said Mississippi Development Authority (MDA) Deputy Executive Director Laura Hipp.

Mississippi business climate
Northeast Mississippi-based Hyperion Technology’s workforce engineers some of the most technologically advanced electronic systems on the planet to solve threat detection challenges like geolocating live weapons fire, munitions blasts and hostile UAVs.

Businesses also appreciate the state’s community college network and state workforce agencies’ customized training programs. In fact, more than 10 percent of Mississippians hold an associate degree, which is 1.5 percent above the national average. Accelerate Mississippi, the leader in workforce training, leverages all resources to grow these numbers and develop more programs to better prepare Mississippians for the in-demand jobs being generated throughout the state.

This focus on a tech-savvy workforce allowed Amazon to pilot its innovative robotics technology at its new fulfillment center in Canton. The fulfillment center, which is located at the Madison County Mega Site, is Amazon’s fourth in the state. Amazon has discovered Mississippi’s productive workforce, as well as its plentiful sites, and has taken full advantage of these much sought-after assets.

The development of shovel-ready sites also is a priority for Mississippi. Through its Site Development Grant Program, Mississippi is investing more than $50 million in site development at industrial parks throughout the state, helping ensure all due diligence is complete and that companies are ready to turn dirt as soon as they choose their ideal location.

“Mississippi has always embraced technology. We are preparing our workers for the cutting edge of technology in every industry and investing significantly in the success of our citizens.” 

— Laura Hipp, Deputy Executive Director, MDA

In addition, to help companies invest in their workforce and in the technology needed to stay at the top of their game, Mississippi’s business environment is second to none. One initiative recently passed by the Mississippi Legislature is the Mississippi Flexible Tax Incentive – or MFLEX – plan. Mississippi created MFLEX to offer companies more flexibility with taxes and incentives by providing a streamlined universal tax credit that may be used to offset a company’s Mississippi state tax liabilities. Additionally, companies will appreciate the simplicity of MFLEX – it eliminates the need for multiple applications for incentive programs with a one-stop application, and it provides greater transparency to companies and state stakeholders regarding the value of credits awarded.

Mississippi business climate
Gov. Tate Reeves (right) and Accelerate Mississippi Executive Director Ryan Miller (left) recently presented Pearl River Community College President Adam Breerwood (center) workforce development grants totaling $1.7 million.

With these strategies in place, companies are increasingly discovering Mississippi is the best location for their future growth and success.

“Mississippians can make some of the most high-tech products found anywhere in the world. We have abundant sites ready to accommodate companies in any industry, and the unwavering support of the Governor and Mississippi Legislature ensures companies have what they need to be successful today, tomorrow and for generations to come,” said Hipp.

To learn more about doing business in Mighty Mississippi, contact the Locate Mississippi team at 1.800.360.3323 or locateinms@mississippi.org.
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