Why Michigan?

Businesses are choosing Michigan for our diverse and abundant workforce, business-friendly environment, low cost of living and global supply chain assets. Add that to the state’s available business resources and our eagerness to get to work, and you have a recipe for success.

Explore this section and find out why Michigan is the right choice for your business.

Globally Accessible Location & Supply Chain

Michigan is within 500 miles of nearly half the U.S. and Canadian population and commerce centers providing unparalleled access to market.

  • 25%+ of $700+ billion annual trade between the U.S. and Canada crosses the Ambassador Bridge, the most active border crossing in North America.
  • 33 active deep water ports surround Michigan, also known as the Great Lakes state.
  • 26 freight railroads with 3,600 miles (5,793 km) of track across Michigan.
  • 18 commercial airports in Michigan, including Detroit Metropolitan, one of the largest U.S. air hubs in North America.
  • Through a variety of programs and resources, Michigan offers personalized assistance for businesses starting, relocating or expanding operations in the state.


  • University Programs Drive Michigan’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research
    Michigan’s universities and research institutions contribute to the state’s entrepreneurial spirit and innovation through unequaled collaboration with hospitals, research centers, service providers, and venture capital professionals throughout the state.
  • A Conversation with Quentin Messer, Jr.
    Quentin Messer, Jr. joined the MEDC as Chief Executive Officer in July of 2021. We recently caught up with Quentin to get his initial impressions of Michigan’s business community, and how the MEDC can help build a “championship economy” for Michigan.
  • Three Takeaways: DornerWorks
    Grand Rapids entrepreneurs David Dorner and Gregg Wildes of DornerWorks share their “bottom line” advice for budding entrepreneurs looking to expand and grow their business in Michigan.

Talented Workforce

Michigan is home to a wealth of highly skilled talent. From having the highest concentration of engineers in the nation to a skilled trades workforce that ranks in the top ten nationally, Michigan is preparing the talent needed for the jobs of the future.

International Business Gateway

Businesses thrive in the state’s globally connected location. In fact, Michigan is a top 3 state for foreign direct investment and Detroit is the number 1 metropolitan area for FDI projects, according to Site Selection magazine.

Pure Opportunity

Michigan has a culture of innovation and a lifestyle that’s unlike any other. With low cost of living and a high quality of life, there are plenty of reasons to work and live in Pure Michigan.

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