McAfee To Locate New Headquarters In Texas

The global leader in online protection will open up a new regional facility located at The Star in Frisco, TX.

McAfee will relocate its regional headquarters focusing on online protection to new facilities located in Frisco, TX. The global leader in online protection will occupy facilities located at The Star in Frisco starting mid-2023. As the latest corporate addition to Frisco, McAfee is committed to partnering with the community, local students, and local tech startups to expand awareness around STEM through programs such as McAfee’s Online Safety Program for Kids, which aims to educate children about online protection and inspire children to pursue a career in STEM and cybersecurity.


“We’re looking forward to partnering closely with the City of Frisco and Frisco EDC, as we become one of Frisco’s newest corporate citizens,” said Benni Bueckert, VP of Workplace and Engagement. “At McAfee, our commitment to protecting all that matters extends beyond the digital world. We believe we all have a responsibility to help shape our local communities and to make a difference. With a shared vision and passion for supporting our local community, we see endless possibilities with this partnership.

“Our decision to choose Frisco for our regional HQ was also based on the diverse cultural destination the city has become, and the many opportunities our team members will have to be immersed in the community and to give back to the many non-profit organizations here,” Bueckert added.

“What a win for Frisco,” said Mayor Jeff Cheney, City of Frisco. “As an innovation-focused Smart City, we know how important online protection is. We are proud to have a global leader like McAfee regionally headquartered in Frisco.”

Organic Supplement Company Expands At TexAmericas Center

Rowe Casa Organics will once again expand operations at its property at TexAmericas Center (TAC), located on the Texas side of the Texarkana metropolitan area. The all-natural supplements company produces a line of more than 250 products including baby, pets, household, outdoor, wellness, and personal care items.

Rowe Casa will initially invest $1.5 million toward its expansion, retain 55 workers in the Texarkana region, and add 20 more. TexAmericas Center first welcomed the company to its properties in 2019 when it leased a 4,700-square-foot building that was renovated in just 60 days. Demand, including international sales, for Rowe Casa products makes this recent expansion necessary.

“This is an exciting time for Rowe Casa and we are thrilled that our growth has lead us to this next chapter,” said Mike Guzzardo, CEO of Rowe Casa Organics. “This is more than just a business for us, this is a life-long mission to improve the health and well-being of our customers. We want to be able to reach as many people as we can.”

Rowe Casa purchased the existing five-building complex at TexAmericas Center in December 2022. Initial investment will be used to renovate the buildings so the company can be fully operational by September 2023.

“Rowe Casa Organics is an emerging market leader in the natural supplement products industry, and we are thrilled to be working with them as their operations and business expands,” said Scott Norton, Executive Director and CEO of TexAmericas Center. “This partnership illustrates our efforts to welcome fledgling companies on to our property and then help them grow.  TexAmericas Center is committed to making sure we do our part to enhance small business successes in the greater Texarkana region.”

Along with expanding production operations and adding more line employees, Rowe Casa will also expand logistics operations in the initial phase of this investment. Inventory and shipping logistics will now be housed within the five-building facility and a loading-dock will be added to increase the speed of shipping.

As Rowe Casa grew it contracted with TAC3PL to take advantage of TexAmericas Center’s third-party logistics services. Now, TAC3PL assists the company to provide more space and flex human resources as needed.

“It is exciting to see a company like Rowe Casa leverage our capabilities and resources so that they can focus on growing their company,” Norton said. “I don’t think it will be the last time we provide logistics services to Rowe Casa, as fast as they are growing we may be called upon to support them again.”

Leadership at Rowe Casa decided to expand within TexAmericas Center because of the partnership they have developed with the organization, citing that TexAmericas Center invested over $250,000 in improvements to the first leased building in 2019 when the company was less than two years old.

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