May / June 2018 Issue (Volume 51, Number 3)

The May / June 2018 Issue features the top workforce training programs and incentives, plus a look at Canada, Nevada, cybersecurity, call centers, and more.

May / June 2018 IssueBusiness Facilities May / June 2018


Training And Talent Acquisition | For several years now, we’ve been tracking the efforts of locations to meet the top priority in economic development: assuring that a skilled workforce will be available when big-ticket projects come knocking. Take this year’s annual tour of leading workforce training programs and learn how talent acquisition and recruitment have been added to the workforce development toolkit.


Snapshots: 60 Seconds…with Paul Helton, Executive Director, LED FastStart | Helton discusses the recruitment, training and support services at the heart of one of the nation’s top workforce development programs.

The Knowledge-based Heart Of Canada | Take a trip with us to Fredericton in New Brunswick, an entrepreneurial hub that is a one-stop shop where startups can have a single point of contact to access a variety of programs designed to spur new business ventures.

Editor’s Picks: Incentives | It’s getting tougher and tougher to make our picks from the increasingly creative and targeted incentives that are being offered to attract big-ticket projects. Turn the page and see who made the cut.

Betting Big On High Technology—And Winning | Nevada, a state that was hit hard by the Great Recession, has turbocharged its impressive recovery by putting out the welcome mat for high-tech growth sectors. In an exclusive interview with BF, Gov. Brian Sandoval shares us his formula for success.

Special Reports

Engine for Growth In RI | You can find 14 percent of Rhode Island’s manufacturing jobs at Quonset Business Park, a tally that keeps growing.

A Safer Supply Chain | As the logistics industry moves the global supply chain onto digital platforms, cybersecurity will be a key priority.

The World Is Coming To Tennessee | The Volunteer State’s red-hot financial sector, which has added more than 24,000 jobs in this decade, continues to attract foreign direct investment.

Call Centers Seek Instant Feedback | Call centers stay ahead of the curve with unified omnichannes and instant feedback from social media.

Business Is Welcome, Not New Taxes | If you’re looking for a place where there’s a big welcome mat for new business, but no personal income tax, corporate taxes or an inventory tax, then Nevada is for you.

Winning The Battle For Jobs In MA | Devens, a diverse and thriving community on a former army base, is now home to dozens of businesses.

Tourism Brings Top Dollar | The travel and tourism industry supports an estimated 8.6 million U.S. jobs. A 2017 dip in overseas visitor to the U.S. has led to the creation of the Visit U.S. Coalition.


Maryland: Cybersecurity Magnet | Maryland is home to a bevy of top cybersecurity players, including industry experts in data encryption and digital forensics, two critical components of cyber safety.

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