Mary Kay Chooses Lewisville, TX For New Global Manufacturing, R&D Operations

Credit: Mary Kay Inc.

Beauty company Mary Kay Inc. has selected the city of Lewisville, TX as the site of its new $100 million global manufacturing and R&D operations. The decision follows an intensive internal evaluation to determine whether to update the company’s current manufacturing operations in Dallas or construct a new facility to house both manufacturing and R&D.

Mary Kay Inc. announced in October that it will invest in a new global manufacturing and R&D facility. After exhaustive examination of potential sites throughout North Texas, the company identified a plot of land in the city of Lewisville. The details and exact location of the site are not being disclosed pending closing of the property purchase.

“We are committed to the latest in technological innovation and Mary Kay’s new facility will be on the leading edge of design, construction and production,” said David Holl, President and Chief Executive Officer for Mary Kay Inc. “Our analysis identified a site in Lewisville as the optimal location for our new facility that will enable us to continue to provide the highest quality skin care and color cosmetics for our more than 3.5 million independent sales force members worldwide.”

The criteria for selecting the new site included employee and logistical considerations, as well as proximity to the company’s other local facilities, including its global headquarters in Addison, a distribution center in Carrollton, and a warehouse facility in Dallas. The beauty company’s current global manufacturing and R&D facility opened on Regal Row in Dallas in 1969. Today, the 420,000-square-foot facility produces up to 1.1 million units of in demand made-in-America products per day, of which 57 percent are exported to Mary Kay Inc.’s international markets.

“As we approach the status of a top five beauty brand globally and following several years of double digit growth, the new facility will support our company’s future needs,” said Holl. “Today, approximately 75 percent of our business is overseas and yet more than 50 percent of Mary Kay® products produced at our current manufacturing facility are exported to our international markets. So, it’s essential that we continue to have state-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D facilities to produce the best-in-the-industry products to our independent sales force and ultimately to our Mary Kay brand lovers around the world.”

Mary Kay Inc. invests millions of dollars in research and development and conducts more than 500,000 tests each year on its products. The company employs approximately 600 manufacturing and R&D employees at its manufacturing facility. Construction on Mary Kay Inc.’s new global manufacturing and R&D facility in Lewisville is expected to begin in July 2016 with a projected completion date in the first quarter of 2018.