March / April 2020 Issue (Volume 53, Number 2)

The March / April 2020 Issue features the manufacturing and automotive industries. Plus, a look at biotech, food processing, and sustainable development.

Business Facilities March / April 2020

March / April 2020 IssueON THE COVER

Manufacturing 4.0 | Innovative technology is catapulting manufacturing into a new age of efficiency across a plethora of industries from aerospace to medical devices. Discover some locations that have diversified their high-tech growth sectors, positioning them to thrive in this new age of efficiency.


Snapshots: 60 Seconds with Courtney Pogue, City of Dallas, TX | Pogue, Director of Economic Development, City of Dallas, TX, discusses information technology hosting and data center operations, foreign direct investment, renewable energy and more.

Biotech: Finding The DNA For Success | To prepare for the future and remain relevant in the ever-evolving business landscape, biopharma and medtech organizations will be looking for new ways to create value and new metrics to make sense of today’s wealth of data.

Show Me Success Story | Join us as we sit down with Gov. Mike Parson, who gives us an inside look at Missouri’s formula for success. It’s all about infrastructure — physical and human, with workforce development a top priority.


Revving Up To Go The Distance | Automotive revenues and profits have robustly rebounded in the U.S. since 2015, but how automakers respond to several transformative challenges they will face over the next five years will determine the long-term viability of sustainable growth in this sector.

On The Rise In Middle TN | Middle Tennessee is one of the fastest-growing regions in the nation, and Nashville International Airport (BNA) is growing with it.

Rebuilding An Empire | New York State is investing an additional $150 billion in the nation’s largest infrastructure program, reinforcing its prime location status.

Proteins And Pandemic Drive Demand | From health to hoarding, consumers are responding to both the power of plants and the power of panic with the demand for food.

Preparing For Tomorrow’s Jobs Today | Find out what strategies the Carolinas are employing to prepare their workforces for further development to meet changing industry needs.

Taking High-Tech To New Heights | Arizona manufacturing is at the forefront of innovation with a highly-skilled talent base, robust supply chain and low business costs near some of the world’s largest economies.

Metropolises Of Manufacturing | Take a look at a couple of the world’s largest industrial areas according to, and then learn about some closer to home.

Building A Sustainable Future | Locations in Florida and Virginia have taken leadership positions in facilitating sustainable development, proving you can make some green by going green.


New Jersey: Garden State Connects With Israel | A second successful economic mission for Choose New Jersey to Israel strengthened existing economic ties, cultivating further investment opportunities in the state.

Texas: Microsoft Regional Hub Growth | Microsoft will invest $31 million and add 575 new jobs to expand regional hub operations in Irving, TX.

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