Manufacturing Grows In Arizona

Low corporate taxes and infrastructure improvements make the Grand Canyon State an attractive choice for companies seeking an agile environment.

Along with short commutes, Sierra Vista enjoys a temperate climate, with winter weather only occasionally dipping below 32 degrees, and summer temperatures rarely exceeding 95. On average, the annual high temperature is a pleasant 77 degrees.

“Our temperate climate translates into lower energy costs,” Boone says. Sierra Vista’s energy rates are competitive when stacked against other top Arizona destinations, and energy demand for cooling and heating is significantly lower due to the mild climate.

Sierra Vista is home to the U.S. Army’s Fort Huachuca, a post serving strategic technical missions in the fields of electronics, engineering, network operations, security, technical interoperability, unmanned aircraft systems, intelligence, and cyber operations. Approximately 700 professionally trained and educated soldiers transition through Fort Huachuca to reenter the civilian workforce annually, providing a valuable resource for businesses seeking candidates for sensitive positions. Here, recruiters can find applicants with clean records, high physical standards, and the ability to follow instructions and obtain clearances.

The established military presence bolsters Sierra Vista’s stable business environment, diverse culture, and healthy lifestyle. At an elevation of 4,300 feet, Sierra Vista is marked with four seasons and more than 280 sunny days each year, inviting residents and visitors alike enjoy the city’s extraordinary lifestyle.

For businesses seeking workers skilled in the trades, Sierra Vista’s Cochise College turns out graduates skilled in construction, welding, and automotive technology. Cochise College’s computer technology programs include augmented reality/virtual reality, engineering, math, information systems, and cybersecurity. The tech programs dovetail into those offered at the Sierra Vista-based University of Arizona’s College of Applied Science and Technology, which leads the nation in intelligence and information operations, cyber operations, and informatics. Both institutions are strong community partners and welcome potential R&D partnerships with Sierra Vista businesses.

Business And Beauty Lies In Flagstaff

Flagstaff is one of the most spectacular locations for witnessing the brilliant autumnal colors in all of Arizona. The natural beauty is a sight to behold indeed. Hike up to the top of Mount Elden and look to the south to view all of the Flagstaff community and then pan 360 degrees to see the brilliance and diversity of the desert southwest at 7,000 feet to observe grasslands, ponderosa pines, and aspen and juniper trees and their colors of deep dark greens to yellows, reds and amber. The natural beauty draws in residents and visitors. The thriving economy makes it possible to visit, discover, and grow your life and business in Flagstaff.

As visitors arrive at the regional Flagstaff Pulliam Airport or from the Phoenix metropolitan area two hours to the south, they will observe areas of tremendous investment in the City of Flagstaff. Adjacent to the airport is an approximate 32-acre parcel that is owned by the City of Flagstaff and is currently in the process of being developed. In partnership with Genterra Enterprises by way of a Master Developer contract, the City of Flagstaff expects 800,000 square feet of new construction to house research and development businesses and light industrial operations. This project is a tremendous opportunity for existing businesses that need to grow (and there are many) and with the proximity to the airport the project will be the envy of business operations from all around Coconino County. Incidentally, at 18,661 square miles, Coconino County is one of the largest counties in the nation. At a minimum, this project will create 750 new jobs for the community and will total over $500 million in capital investment.

The chairlift at Snowbowl in Flagstaff. (Photo: Discover Flagstaff)

For growing industries that are looking for a strategic place to grow, Flagstaff is prepared for you.

Across Interstate 17, which connects over one and a half million people from the south, and immediately south of Interstate 40, which reaches seaports to the east and the west, is another project which will elevate healthcare in the region. Northern Arizona Healthcare (NAH) is expanding its operations in the region with a new Wellness Village. Immediately north of the Coconino County Fort Tuthill Regional Park, which is home to the County Fairgrounds and the Luke Airforce Base Recreational Area, is the future home of the NAH-FMC Campus. NAH will relocate its Flagstaff Medical Center (FMC) and grow it into 180 acres of medical facilities and support services alongside lodging, commercial, and residential development. Accessible from the two interstates, the location will provide greater access to the regional medical services that continue to be world-class. The only level one trauma unit in northern Arizona, FMC will deliver a full suite of ambulatory/outpatient services and inpatient services.

Both of these new developments are positioned to take full advantage of the education system in Flagstaff. With award-winning K-12 schools, a growing Coconino Community College, and a growing Northern Arizona University, expanding industry will enhance existing and build new workforce pipelines. Career exploration through middle schools and up invites students to be a part of bringing their value to the world through internships, apprenticeships, and full employment. NAU launched the School of Informatics, Computing, and Cyber Systems a number of years ago, and as you can imagine, the school is launching students into cutting edge industries all over the world.

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