Logistics Industry Locations: Bold Moves

Locations that foster logistics success benefit companies seeking to reach customers in record time with quality service.

Louisville, Kentucky: Logistics Support By River, Road, Rail And Runway

Providing world-class delivery service to customers around the world is a reality for businesses located in Louisville, KY.

As a city founded on the banks of the Ohio River in 1778, Louisville has long been a logistics hub. Today, the city is strategically located at a 21st century crossroads with river, road, rail, and runway. With unrivaled access to the interstate system and daily overnight flights to more than 25 countries through UPS Worldport, companies located here can provide best-in-class supply chain and logistics service to customers around the world. And Louisville’s logistics sector is showing no signs of slowing down as the industry is expected to grow nearly 30% over the next decade.

Logistics Industry Locations
UPS continues to invest in Louisville, KY. At the heart of the UPS worldwide network is Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport. (Photo: Courtesy of UPS Airlines)


“While our history as a logistics hub has transported us to where we are today, it is our focus on how logistics can propel us into the future that keeps Louisville ahead of the curve,” said Benjamin Moore, Director of the Louisville Metro Department of Economic Development. “With the second busiest cargo airport in the U.S., access to three major highways and three national rail operators, and direct access to the Ohio River, companies located in Louisville have access to our unparalleled logistics sector.”

Moore noted that the city, in collaboration with UPS, is going above and beyond to grow and nurture the light manufacturing, biotech, and medical logistics industries. At UPS Worldport, pharmaceutical companies operate in temperature-controlled spaces where medical lab testing can be prioritized and expedited, and the health-certified distribution centers can ship within hours with unsurpassed end-of-runway capacity. Car and truck parts, medical devices, and personalized medicine can also be manufactured and shipped for just-in-time delivery. These concentrated efforts have helped attract new businesses, including Eurofins Genomics LLC, Chewy, WILA USA, Ellie Diagnostics and PACCAR Parts, to Louisville.

“Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport is the heart of UPS’s worldwide air network. We are delivering what matters—coronavirus vaccines and other critical shipments—around the world from Louisville every day, due to the dedication of thousands of UPSers, and the strong support of our operations by SDF,” said Brendan Canavan, retired President of UPS Airlines who currently consults for the company.

UPS also continues to invest in Louisville. In 2023, the company announced the expansion of its training center and the addition of a 1 million-square-foot healthcare logistics facility and a new 275,000-square-foot hangar, totaling $453 million in investment and 315 new jobs.

Visit www.louisvilleky.gov/economicdevelopment for more information.

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