LOCATION FOCUS: Sooner or Later You’ll Choose Oklahoma

MidAmerica Industrial Park Airport

By Shana Daley 
From the September/October 2013 issue

A first-class, state-certified business location is blooming in Pryor Creek, OK: MidAmerica Industrial Park has grown into a premiere global industrial center for manufacturing, distribution and processing, home to more than 80 thriving businesses.

MidAmerica is located in the geographic center of the U.S., just 40 miles east of Tulsa, near the intersection of I-35, I-40 and I-44 intersect, allowing next-day delivery to 23 percent of the U.S. population. Multi-modal transportation options—highway, rail, waterway and air—also provide easy global access.

At 9,000 acres, MidAmerica can accommodate virtually any footprint need, with shovel-ready sites ranging from small parcels to large sites. And because the park is owned and operated by a public trust, red tape and fees are eliminated. Your construction can be underway within a matter of days.

MidAmerica’s workforce is another key advantage, with a skilled labor pool drawn from a population of over 927,900 within a 40-mile radius, and team and tech skills honed through no-cost custom training provided on-site.


A land of varying terrain, sparkling lakes and vast prairies surround Fairview in Major County, OK.

Adjacent to Fairview’s airport and adjoining U.S. Highway 60 is Fairview’s Industrial Park, which is certified shovel- ready. Tracts, from 1 to 10 acres or customized to meet business needs, are available free to qualifying businesses; the Park also is home of Major County Economic Development Corp.’s business incubator facility. The incubator is 8,400 sq. ft., divided into industrial bays, conference area open to al businesses in the county and office space. The incubator program offers affordable space with flexible leases to tenants; a graduated lease package; access to a team of business experts for advice, finance counseling, marketing suggestions, accounting solutions; and a 10-year state income tax exemption.

Fairview’s businesses are ensured availability to innovative talent through the Certified Work Ready Community.  Locals use this program as a tool for recruitment, hiring, promoting, and training incumbent workers. Northwest Technology Center, a nationally recognized Career Tech, provides business training on demand. NWTC customizes classes to meet specific industry needs while providing affordable training.

Oklahoma’s Training for Industry Program, defined as special state funding for Tech Centers, is available for new and expanding business. Progressive Windows is a prime example of NWTC’s successful program: “[NWTC] in Fairview has supplied us with excellent training in Quick Books, Excel, Manufacturing Flow Process, Lean Manufacturing, Customized Inventory Management and all our Safety Training…whenever there is a need, they are always willing to help,” says Progressive Windows owner Jeromy Haines.

New and expanding businesses have numerous incentive opportunities, including:  a customized incentive based on an analysis of specific needs; the Quality Jobs Program with a quarterly cash payment of up to 5 percent on payroll to qualifying businesses’ and a grant up to $1 million for construction of a new facility and infrastructure.

Teamwork on projects illustrates the cooperative spirit held between Fairview businesses. Recently several small businesses joined forces to produce the first-ever Fast Fusion Trac 36 machine. The owner of Fast Fusion, based in Colorado, initially contacted an engineer in Fairview to design the machine. Ultimately, the machine was built at Powermax Equipment in the Fairview Industrial Park. Three other local businesses assisted with parts production. Upon successful completion, Trac 36 was shipped to Australia.

A Practical Nursing Program for adult students and a Biomedical Sciences Program for high school students are available. Fairview Regional Medical Center offers individuals, families and businesses access to critical healthcare.

To find out more, please contact JaNae Barnard at 580-227-2512 or majoredc@sbcglobal.net and visit www.okmajordev.org.