Business Facilities LiveXchange will present a comprehensive, practical and strategic conference program that helps delegates better plan and manage their companies’ relocation or expansion projects. This unique experience will be supplemented by an all-star list of guest speakers, who will be making presentations and leading discussions on a number of hot-button issues.

The following is the list of presenters at the 2017 Business Facilities LiveXchange. Please check back frequently for updates to the 2018 conference program.

billy-demong_100x127Keynote – High Performance: The Key to Success

Billy Demong, Olympic Gold Medalist in Nordic Skiing

Five-time Olympian and 2010 Olympic Champion Billy Demong, Executive Director of USA Nordic Sport, provides an in-depth look at how the world’s greatest athletes utilized a business approach to guarantee success at the highest level. Billy will explain how strategic planning, efficiency and innovation all must be maximized to come out on top in business and athletics. 

Panel Discussion: Brexit/NAFTA: Beginning of the End of Free Trade?



Courtney Fingar, Editor in Chief, fDi Magazine


Jack Rogers, Editor in Chief, Business Facilities

Join Courtney Fingar, Editor in Chief of fDi Magazine, and Jack Rogers, Editor in Chief of Business Facilities, for an incisive panel discussion about the seismic changes in international trade that are looming in the wake of Brexit and the U.S. move away from free trade agreements. Courtney and Jack will examine how the shift back to bilateral trade may impact foreign direct investment and export trends.

Adam Wasserman

Seminar: The Evolution of the Global Supply Chain
Adam Wasserman, Managing Partner, GLD Partners

Adam will explore the radical transformation now impacting on the largest and most complex global supply chain, the automotive sector, and identify key economic development opportunities that will result from this transformation during the next five years. This session will provide an in-depth look at this global logistics network from several perspectives, including how changes to trade agreements may impact sector competitiveness and regional economic development; how rapid advances in technology are giving rise to new automotive hubs; the imperative to integrate research institutions into mainstream economic development; and how logistics hubs and air cargo have become the critical links in meeting high-velocity supply chain requirements. 

Seminar: Evaluating and Negotiating Incentives
Allea Newbold, Principal, Ryan

This session will address key issues related to maximizing the value of incentives in the negotiating process. Allea will discuss the best practices for calculating the value of incentives, including property tax abatements, sales tax refunds, cash grants and tax increment financing. 

Seminar: Issues in Facility Consolidation Analysis
Jerry Szatan, Founder and Principal, Szatan & Associates

Companies consolidate facilities after mergers and acquisitions or because of excess capacity and the need to adjust production capacity to meet demand and for other reasons. Goals may include more effective operations, lower costs or other objectives. The issues go far beyond real estate. This session will discuss systematically identifying the benefits, costs and risks of facility consolidation, particularly personnel loss and related business disruption, and including addressing tricky political issues. It will begin with an introduction to the issues based on case studies of consolidation feasibility conducted by Mr. Szatan and continue with participants sharing lessons they have learned in consolidation or relocation projects. Mr. Szatan has worked with companies on consolidation studies for headquarters, back offices and manufacturing facilities.

Think Tank: Site Selection Case History
David Hickey, Senior Director, Hickey & Associates

All site selection projects are not the same; however key best-practices help guide every project from business case to ground-breaking. In this Think Tank, you’ll become part of a mock corporate boardroom during a candid internal discussion that will closely follow each stage of the site location process. The group will review labor analytics, building a business case, site location strategies, common and complex incentives, as well as long-term due diligence to track and manage. A real-life case will be presented to be debated and evaluated for a recommendation to the CEO.


Seminar: Mentoring Entrepreneurship
Angelos Angelou, Principal Executive Officer/Chief Strategist, AngelouEconomics

Explore the best practices for turning startups with new business models into market leaders. Angelos will highlight recent case history success stories involving the deployment of business accelerators that quickly bring entrepreneurs up to speed, commercialize innovation and open a window of opportunity for global talent to put down roots in U.S. markets.