Kiekert Expanding Its Operations In Southeastern Michigan

Posted by Heidi Schwartz 

If the passenger leaves the car without fully closing the door, the driver must stretch out to reach the passenger door. The Kierkert i-close reduces physical exertion for the driver by making it possible to shut the door with the press of a button.
Kiekert AG, a supplier of automotive lock systems and components, is investing $2 million to expand its U.S. headquarters and production facilities in Michigan. The company’s investment in its U.S. facilities is part of a global expansion plan.

Employment at the company’s plant, which is located in the Detroit suburb of Wixom, is expected to increase significantly. Kiekert is confident it will boost its total employees to more than 120 within the next 12 months.

Located in Oakland County, the plant currently produces door-latch modules for Ford. Kierkert’s CEO, Dr. Karl Krause, said the expansion includes the installation of new production, prototyping and product test equipment, extensive office renovations, and the addition of a new technology showroom.

Headquartered in Heiligenhaus, Germany, Kiekert opened its Wixom plant in 1995 and has had facilities in the Detroit area for more than 25 years. The supplier’s global product portfolio currently includes side-door latches, latch modules, trunk-lid latches and actuators.