Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine To Expand In Italy

The pharmaceutical company will invest more than $600M over the next five years to increase production capacity.

Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine¹ has announced its strengthened commitment in the City of Latina, Italy, with a projected investment of 580 million euros (US$622.6 million) over the next five years, of which 125 million euros (US$134.2 million) will support an increase in production capacity and build capabilities for the future.

The investment announcement is part of a strategic plan that has included a 9.2% investment growth each year between 2019-2023 in Italy, which is three times greater than the pharmaceutical sector average, according to a new study by The European House – Ambrosetti². Additionally, this investment has translated to a 15% increase in employment in Italy over the last five years to about 1,400 employees throughout the country.

In the pharmaceutical landscape, Johnson & Johnson holds a strong focus on R&D: in the last five years, the company invested nearly 50 million euros (US$ 53.6 million) in Italy (plus 11.7% each year since 2019). The investments in R&D also favor a commitment towards scientific research in the country. In 2023, Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine managed 114 clinical trials and collaborated with 993 research centers in Italy, offering treatment access to more than 5,000 patients.

Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine is set to expand facilities in Latina, Italy. (Photo: Johnson & Johnson)

The Latina site is an important part of Johnson & Johnson’s global supply chain network. The site produces more than four billion tablets every year, for about 30 different products, with 97% of its production exported, reaching patients from worldwide. The investment plan will enable a production capacity increase of more than 25%, as it includes projects to support pipeline products and new production technologies, such as a Flex Line, to more efficiently handle the packaging of small production batches and a new continuous manufacturing line that will reduce total end-to-end manufacturing time and enable medicines to reach patients more quickly.

“Johnson & Johnson has a significant manufacturing presence across Europe and the Latina site is an important part of our global network,” said Dapo Ajayi, Vice President, Innovative Medicine Supply Chain at Johnson & Johnson. “We continue making important investments in our Supply Chain to support the growth of our current portfolio of medicines and our pipeline one Formerly Janssen, pharmaceutical company of Johnson & Johnson The European House – Ambrosetti – Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine’s contribution to the country’s innovation system and growth, 2024 of new innovations, which will enable us to continue to deliver for the millions of patients around the world who rely on us every day.”

“Since 1975, we have been a strongly rooted company in Italy. With this extraordinary investment we strengthen our concrete commitment to foster and increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of the country, by reinforcing research and pharmaceutical production excellence. We trust that innovation will continue to be welcomed and properly recognized, that the clinical trials ecosystem will improve and get faster and that constructive dialogue between institutions and the industry – already opened by the Government – continues and remains open. Every day, we work together with all our stakeholders of the healthcare system to contribute to the development of the sector, with the aim of bringing innovation to our patients and the National Health System,” stated Mario Sturion, Managing Director of Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine Italy.

“Today’s press conference demonstrates how the pharmaceutical sector has become a new growth model for Made in Italy, thanks to the impressive investments in research and innovation. This growth is 60% driven by foreign companies and allows the local supply chain to grow and promotes its internationalization. This is a sector that can give great satisfaction in “opening Italy to the world” and “bringing the world to Italy”. Following the European elections, Italy has become one of the most reliable countries at European level, capable of attracting more and more foreign investments,” said Minister of Enterprises and Made in Italy Adolfo Urso at the company’s announcement on June 14.

¹ Formerly Janssen, pharmaceutical company of Johnson & Johnson.
² The European House – Ambrosetti – Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine’s contribution to the country’s innovation system growth, 2024

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